Types of online advertising and their benefits

Advantages of internet advertising for website and social network

Advantages of internet advertising for website and social network

We have brought the types of online advertising and their benefits for the site and social networks in this article from the keyupseo blog.

We want to name the types of internet advertising and explain the benefits of this type of online marketing.

There are many ways to improve the position of the site in Google, and in addition to buy organic traffic, advertising also helps in the growth of SEO.

The cost of advertising in the Internet world is possible with less investment and it is possible to show your business to millions of users.

Let's examine this type of marketing and know its pros and cons.

But before we talk about the benefits of internet advertising, we need to introduce them to you first.

Native or similar ads

This type of advertisements are placed at the end of the pages of different sites and are structurally and visually matched to that site. That is why they are called natives.

This type of marketing can be beneficial for your business if they are used correctly on the site page.

Another thing that you must pay attention to and that all native advertising companies take into account is that the site where the ads are running must have at least 10,000 visitors per day.

Google Ads

If you want to place your website in the top results of search engines, you need to advertise.

In this type of marketing, you pay per click to the selected search engine. Search engine availability is one of the main benefits of internet advertising.

Advertising on Google is one of the most popular and most visited advertising platforms in the world. Therefore, it can be said that investing in the Google search engine is the most common method of internet advertising.

The next ranks are respectively owned by Facebook/Instagram, Bing Ads, AdMob, etc.

Display advertising

Display ads are also known as banner ads. A type of paid marketing is usually a designed image or photo copy. Visitors are redirected to the advertiser's site by clicking on the banner.

Display is different from search ads in that it doesn't appear in ranked search results. These display images are placed on different sites and after users click on the results, you pay for it.

Social media advertising

Social networks have become a space for business growth in recent years. Facebook since 2004, Twitter since 2006 have created an attractive and profitable space for different brands. Instagram also joined these two social giants of the world since 2010.

Advertising in social networks will bring many benefits. Some users who are active in social networks may not like to use browser search. You definitely don't want to lose a lot of potential customers.

Facebook ranks first with 3 billion users, followed by Instagram with one billion active users and Twitter with more than 320 million.

Reasons for the importance of online advertising

There are many reasons for using online advertising in businesses and websites. Among the most important ones are being cheap and affordable, being able to access millions of users, attracting users at all hours of the day and night, and communicating better with customers.

In the following, we will explain the most important reasons for using online advertisements and their advantages for the site and business.

Reasons for the importance of online advertising

Online advertising is cheap and affordable

Internet advertising is much cheaper than advertising on television, radio, etc., and this cheapness and cost-effectiveness is one of the main advantages of this type of marketing.

In addition, you can optimize the site, application, social network page or any other platform for which you use internet advertising. You can optimize keywords, captions, necessary descriptions, quality photos and other parts to pay less for advertising.

As you know, with the SEO of your site, you can place the important keywords for you and the users in the right place and increase site visits.

By being active in social networks and publishing attractive content, the number of followers increases. After spending some time and a little money on these channels, you can see the results of this work in your business.

Optimization for the site or social networks are not directly among the benefits of Internet advertising; For this reason, we recommend starting your advertising with an affordable cost and after making sure of making money, start optimizing activities.

Running various experiments in advertising

One of the benefits of internet advertising is that you can test your campaigns. As we mentioned above, this type of online marketing can be cheap and affordable. Therefore, if you test your advertising campaigns, you will not incur exorbitant costs.

For example, you can use social network ads or Google ads in different ways. For example, in the search campaign, create several ad groups with different keywords and choose different titles for each of them.

First, let the ads run for at least 2 weeks. Then check the level of user interaction in the Google Ads panel so that you can run the best possible campaign.

You cannot take advantage of these trial benefits in traditional advertising with affordable costs, and you will suffer losses if you do this activity. So it is better to hire an advertising expert.

Ability to reach millions of users

The advantages of internet advertising are not limited to being cheap. It is possible to introduce a wide range of users to your business.

Whatever type of online advertising you use, many users will see your ad and site. PPC advertising can expose you to a lot of people.

Advertisements on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will definitely be effective in branding and increasing brand awareness due to having many users worldwide.

Earn money around the clock

Online advertising helps you to attract users at all hours of the day and customers register and pay their orders, so you can earn money even while you sleep.

The world of the Internet has the advantage of enabling financial transfers, buying and selling, and many other things at any time. By using a store site, you will have the chance to sell your services and products every day of the week.

People are always looking for answers on the internet. Before they buy a product or service, they search about it. This is where the benefits of internet advertising become more important; Because you can convert this number of users into your customers.

Using the social network Instagram and other networks, you will be able to sell your products to customers.

Direct communication with customers through online advertising

In traditional advertising, it is published only to customers and does not create any way to communicate.

Today, the marketing rules have changed and with the Internet, we don't just see the advertisements of the companies, but we can communicate with them and ask the support team any questions we have about the product.

Users may want to express their positive opinion or criticize your business. Also, if you offer a specific product or service, you should expect to be asked specialized questions. Make sure you give them the right answer so that they become your customers.

Therefore, extensive ways of communicating with customers is another advantage of Internet advertising.

Advertising campaign review and analysis

Advertising campaign review and analysis

Unlike traditional advertising methods, you can analyze and review campaigns in internet advertising to better respond to your users' requests.

Internet advertising gives you the possibility to accurately examine your investment and return on investment. Also, if an ad doesn't give you the right feedback, stop it immediately or change some things in it.

Online advertising will bring these benefits to know the number of sales, the amount of income and other things of the campaign.

Internet advertising is always available

Traditional advertising campaigns, whether done on TV or radio, end after a few seconds or minutes, and it is not clear when they will be available to the user.

Another advantage of Internet ads is that they are displayed to users at all hours of the day. Only after you decide to end your campaign will the online ads be removed.

In simpler words, Internet ads always remain available to users; Unless you decide to stop the campaign yourself. In this way, your investment is done correctly and with accurate results.

At the exact moment when users need your services or products, you will have the chance to be available to them.

For example, YouTube ads will last as long as you want to invest and will be visible 24 hours a day.

Also, in each advertising campaign, you can decide to personalize and change the display hours according to your activity or user search.

Don't worry about the wrong campaign

With internet advertising, you no longer need to worry about your campaign being executed incorrectly; Of course, we do not mean that you should be less accurate. Our goal is that if something goes wrong, you can easily fix it. Fixing campaign mistakes is one of the most attractive benefits of internet advertising.

One of the advantages of internet advertising is the editing of advertisements. You may realize that you made a mistake after publishing the ad. In this situation, you can easily make the necessary edits and updates according to the platform you have used.

In traditional advertising, there is no way to go wrong; If there is a mistake in the printing of the magazine, video, etc., it is not possible to edit it. In this way, all the expenses you have made for the campaign will be ineffective.

Sharing ads by users

In the world of the Internet, there is a chance to show your brand to more users with a few clicks. If your ads are relevant enough, it's possible that users will share that information with their friends. Sharing does not exist in traditional marketing and this feature is one of the benefits of online advertising.

Generally, whether your ad or content is useful, users will send to each other and you will get better feedback.

In this article from KeyUpSeo, we tried to explain the benefits of internet advertising completely and clearly. Now you know why this type of online marketing is better than the traditional method.

Release date : 14 March, 2024




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