What is fashion marketing?

5 strategies to increase sales with the help of fashion marketing

5 strategies to increase sales with the help of fashion marketing

Fashion marketing and 5 strategies to increase sales in the fashion and fashion industry in order to promote business is the subject of this article

Due to the continuous growth of the fashion industry and the increase of competitors, you cannot get the desired result. Maybe your ROAS needs improvement. Maybe your Google ads are not optimized and the costs you spend on ads will not return to your account through increased sales.

Maybe you don't use targeted advertising methods. Maybe it's time to expand your advertising; And use all social media like Google ads to improve your sales.

On the other hand, SEO and website optimization with keywords is difficult, and buy organic visit is useful for the site, but it does not help you alone, and you have to do a lot to increase the power of SEO and get organic traffic.

In this article, we focus on the top 5 fashion marketing strategies that can help you increase sales, reduce costs, and improve your ROI.

But first, it is better to answer questions related to brands in the field of fashion, which may occur to you.

Fashion marketing

Fashion marketing refers to marketing strategies to attract more customers and increase sales in the fashion industry for brands and products. Although when people think of the fashion industry, their mind immediately goes to fashion design.

However, there are many things that need to be implemented in order for the latest designs to reach the customers who will wear them. Fashion designers must expose their creations to the right customers; In a way that makes those people want to buy from them.

The effort required to present fashion products in a way that attracts the attention of potential customers is called fashion marketing or fashion marketing.

Which social networks are better for fashion marketing?

Social media allows you to promote your apparel brand, improve customer service, drive traffic to your website, and increase sales.

But usually, most businesses don't use social media channels to their full potential.

If you've been using social media but you've only seen your advertising dollars go down and you haven't been able to identify revenue from your marketing channels, then it's time to re-evaluate your efforts to see where the problem is.

Don't be active in these networks just for the sake of being on social media. Presence in social networks should always be with strategy and strong will.

You need to know which strategies and media are suitable for your business and industry and how you can best use these social networks for your goal of customer satisfaction.

For example, when it comes to clothing business, Instagram is at the top of the media.

Instagram and Facebook in fashion marketing

For apparel business purposes, using Instagram and Facebook for brand promotion is very important. That's why we focus on them in the fashion marketing article.

Increase Instagram views has a direct effect on increasing the number of followers, so you can purchase this service through the Keyupseo system.

These social networks offer many services including:

  1. Considerable customization and creativity when it comes to personalization.
  2. An efficient service to work with influencers, Instagram is definitely the best in this field of marketing.
  3. They have formed a large audience of the fashion-oriented crowd.

Now we will explain to you 2 effective fashion marketing strategies with the help of Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram and Facebook in fashion marketing

  1. Using Instagram stories to increase sales

Considering the easy use and communication of Instagram and influencer marketing, we can understand why the interaction through Instagram is so high. In addition, Instagram is one of the visual mass media that allows users to quickly communicate visually through Instagram feed photos as well as stories.

Finally, it is easy to direct the user to your site. When running an Instagram story ad, you can ask users to swipe up or click on a call-to-action button.

  1. Using Facebook video ads to attract customer attention

Although the volume and impact of YouTube ads for active brand name ads in the clothing field is more than Facebook, the simultaneous use of YouTube ads and Facebook ads can help grow your branding and increase sales.

Facebook video ads have a higher engagement rate compared to photo posts, link posts, and status posts.

Video ads must have two important features:

  1. Be simple and clear
  2. The video should be beautiful and eye-catching so that people can connect with it

How do you measure the success of digital marketing?

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned pro or just getting started with your digital marketing strategy, it's important to be able to measure ROAS.

What is ROAS?

ROAS is a very simple metric. The ratio of return on investment through the cost spent on advertising.

This metric gives you a clear view of whether the money you spend on advertising is making money for you, or not.

To put it simply, this metric doesn't measure the total revenue of your business, but only how well you spent on advertising.

You can have a profitable and profitable business, but as long as your advertising costs are wrong, you are wasting capital.

Fashion marketing advertising strategy of luxury brands

If you run a luxury brand, you probably think the rules are different for you, but while there are some subtle differences, fashion marketing for a luxury brand and a budget brand generally follow the same principles.

Luxury clothing brands, like other brands, need customization and audience-focused marketing.

So much of what we have to say about creating an advertising strategy for luxury brands can be said for any other type of brand.

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Personalize them.
  3. Practice retargeting.
  4. Experience selling on social media.

The only difference that we can say that famous brands have with other brands is that when the price of products goes up, brands that are not very famous lose their hope for sales.

Meanwhile, if the same brand, which is not very well known, considers the right strategy for its work, in the end, it can have the most sales.

With all these asides, here are the top 5 fashion marketing strategies to increase conversion rates.

  1. Personalize your customer experience.

Many consumers today demand a level of personalization before interacting with your website.

It makes sense that people don't find your website by chance; Rather, they will find your site with your click ads, your stories on Instagram, your influencer marketing, etc.

When you match your site to what your customers want, they can find you.

When it comes to personalization, we want to look at personalization in these two important areas:

• Shopping experience

• Advertisements you display to customers.

Let us explain and categorize both of them.

shopping experience

When it comes to personalization, some marketers turn to behavioral insights and demographic data to create the best possible ads. Trust us; This is important and we will get there soon.

But first, make sure you don't overlook the changes you can make to personalize the shopping experience on your website.

Amazon does this very well; We see it as natural, not something strategic and deliberate. If your site personalization is natural, it will make people feel good.

Amazon offers you related products based on your previous purchases.

Amazon's algorithm says: "Other people who bought this golf set also bought this handbag and a package of golf balls.

This type of product recommendation is perfect for the fashion business, where accessories can be suggested to complete an outfit or look.

Retargeting ads

Retargeting ads

Getting traffic to your site is certainly a battle, but it's not the whole battle. Recent data shows that the average conversion rate for clothing store sites is 1.3%.

Here is an example of retargeting advertising in the fashion industry.

Madewell's ad re-shows the audience items they've already liked, with the catchphrase: "We love these for you."

  1. Make sure customers know how to use your product.

People see your ads, whether it's pants, blouses, shirts, or whatever, and they want to look like the person in the ad.

But, of course, this ad is more than just an item of clothing. Usually, the advertisement photo is related to a model, and the photographer and clothing designer team has recorded this image with the help of a set of suitable clothes that are set with attractive lighting and...

Here's a clothing style guide that allows you to engage customers with how to wear your clothes.

A cover style guide will also help you increase the volume of the shopping cart, because now your customer wants to complete his style and needs to order several products.

  1. Know your target audience.

Do you know your audience or just have the audience in mind? To have an effective strategy in your marketing, you must define your target audience and know them so that you can better understand their needs. Establishing interaction with customers and maintaining them is very important for business growth, so having sufficient knowledge of the audience is a necessary goal of any marketing strategy.

  1. Use influencers to strengthen your brand on social networks.

Most people believe that it is important for them to know the opinions of customers before making a purchase.

But to have customer reviews, you must have customers!

You should invest in influencer marketing.

The influencer marketer takes a photo of his new style and posts it on his page. Below that, she writes about her new style and tags the company, driving her interested followers to your brand. simply!

  1. Create a blog to drive organic traffic to your brand

85% of customers search before buying, and more than 60% of them continue their search on the brand's website. Having a specialized blog introduces you as an expert in the fashion world.

Why should customers buy their clothes or jewelry from one site while they keep track of the latest fashion trends and latest clothes through another site?

Create a blog with interesting and valuable content:

    • Turns your website into a one-stop shop that contains everything related to the apparel industry.
    • Increases the time the user engages with your brand.
    • Leads to sharing on social media.
    • Strengthens the connection between your brand and your customer.
    • Read our guide to blogging for businesses
    • SEO and blog content optimization

Release date : 14 September, 2023




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