The effect of advertising on attracting customers

The effect of advertising on attracting customers and business success

The effect of advertising on attracting customers and business success

Have you ever wondered how advertising can help your business? Short answer: This method makes the business grow.

The effect of advertising on customer attraction and business success is a clear and effective way for marketers and they use it.

In today's world, the effect of advertising has been determined in various businesses and advertisers have achieved many benefits in this way. As you know, this effect can be seen in increasing sales, attracting customers and many other things.

For example, Subway (a maker of vegetarian meals) published the true story of Jared, who went from 194 kg to 84 kg by eating the company's sandwiches and walking a little. In 2000, Subway sales increased by 18 percent, and in 2001, there was a 16 percent jump.

Running an advertisement may have high costs for the business, but it can be effective in increasing sales and attracting customers. In addition, it can return to your account many times the money you spent.

In addition to the effect of advertising in attracting customers and increasing business income, there are more benefits that we will talk about later.

What does advertising do for business?

As you know, advertising has had a huge impact on many businesses. In general, advertising has three main goals:

Information (informs the audience about your products and services)

Persuasion (persuading potential customers to use your services and products)

Reminder (informs consumers what services or products your business offers)

You can learn more about the benefits of advertising on the Pars AdWords blog.

You can use this method to end old or negative perceptions of your business. It also makes your brand products or services visible to more people. This directly affects the increase in the number of customers.

There are many other cases that can be among the above, But we want to tell you that advertising helps business growth and success.

The importance of advertising in business growth

For example, in late 2000, Google decided to offer new services to all kinds of companies. In October 2020, the company was able to present the Google Ads (formerly AdWords) platform, which brought major changes to online marketing. From then on, online businesses could pay searchers to be displayed on the Google search engine.

Google advertising service is one of the things that can help business growth. There are more things that can influence the success of the brand.

For example, you can increase potential customers' awareness of your services and products through billboards installed on the street.

As your brand is known, people's searches will go towards searching for the keyword along with your brand name. Due to the importance of this topic in Google, the SEO of the site will improve and you will get the top positions in Google search.

By buying Google visits from Keyupseo, you can provide this important parameter in SEO for your site and help improve your site's SEO a lot.

The importance of advertising in business growth

The impact of advertising on small businesses

Let's talk about the impact of advertising on small businesses. This impact can be different according to the industry of activity; But in general, we talk about how advertising helps the business.

In the following, we introduce 18 advantages of advertising for small businesses.

  1.  Increasing the number of business visitors

Advertising in different spaces such as newspapers, television, billboards, radio, social networks, etc. can increase business visitors.

Your fledgling business may not have enough budget to run advertising campaigns. We recommend using Google Ads ads, which can be implemented at a low cost and have a high return rate.

  1.  Lead generation

B2B businesses can use advertising to complete their sales funnel. Also, this work makes them get new leads and follow them up. The effect of advertising on lead generation is impressive and can contribute significantly to business success.

  1.  Introducing new services and products

Using different advertising methods is the best way to introduce new brand products and services. By doing this, you will get the attention of consumers and inform your previous customers to use them.

Advertising in social networks can be one of the suitable options for this work.

  1.  Highlight product or service changes and improvements

If your business has a product or service that is already offered, advertising can publicize its improvements and changes. With this, you can increase your sales figures.

  1.  Increase website traffic

It's no secret that online advertising can dramatically increase website traffic. The effect of advertising in increasing traffic is very high, and the goals of various advertising companies are to achieve this goal. You can display your most important pages to users in the form of advertisements to persuade consumers to buy from your business.

With the increase of visitors to your site, the SEO of your site will improve. By improving SEO, the position of the site with keywords will improve in Google.

  1.  Increase brand awareness

The impact of advertisements in the minds of users is such that when they need to use a service or product, they remember the related advertisement. especially for service businesses; But in general, any business can benefit from this.

  1.  Advertising for sales and special offers

For any retail business, advertising can raise awareness of sales or special offers. In this process, there will be a great chance to attract new customers.

  1.  Immediate online sales

For e-commerce businesses, advertising can lead to instant online sales. For example, Google's click ads direct the user to the purchase page of the desired product or service as quickly as possible.

  1.  Brand image display

For businesses that are not particularly talked about, advertising can change public opinion about them.

  1.  Strengthen leadership or profile in the industry of activity

If you want to be recognized as a leader in your industry, advertising can reduce the time it takes to realize this dream. This can organize your profile and your business and introduce you to potential customers.

The impact of advertising on small businesses

  1.  Notification of business opening

Using different methods of advertising, such as advertising in newspapers, direct advertising, and the like, makes you introduce your business to others. The effect of advertising on people's awareness of open businesses is high and it makes them earn money.

  1.  Attracting the attention of local searchers

Local businesses can mark their location on Google Maps to show up in nearby searches. This is the way that restaurants, shops, and other businesses attract their customers in nearby areas. You can do this through Google My Business.

You've probably seen searches that ended up with local results. These items can be different from other searches and help to grow the business in different situations. Using Google services, you can advertise your business in local locations.

  1.  Creating superiority over competitors

In many businesses, advertising can differentiate you from your competitors. What do you think makes McDonald's and Burger King different from their competitors? This is what advertising does for businesses.

  1.  Convert visitors to buyers

Retargeting or remarketing ads can remind visitors who have entered your site and have not registered a purchase to make a purchase from you. In simpler terms, it targets potential customers who have landed on your pages in different spaces. This technique will make you convert more visitors into buyers.

Suppose a person enters our site and leaves it after adding a product to the shopping cart. With the remarketing campaign, these people will see the products they saw on the site again on different pages.

  1.  Increase email list or social networks

If you want to get more followers on social networks or your email list, then social media advertising and other marketing methods can help you achieve that. Once people decide to subscribe to your email marketing messages or follow you on social media, you'll have an easier time getting your direct message to them.

You can increase your chances of attracting customers by offering various types of internet advertising. After that, you can invite them to participate in your newsletter or social networks.

  1.  Increasing the value of customer orders

Special offers and various incentives increase the value of customers' orders. For example, discount offers like 20% off purchases over $100.

  1.  Strengthening the impact of content marketing

As you know, content marketing is one of the most important methods of digital marketing. But advertising makes it more effective. Publish your content on social networks and boost them with ads to bring more customers to your business. This will make your content more visible and faster. In addition, the number of clicks and the amount of user interaction with it increases.

How can advertising help businesses?

  1.  Increases the power of word-of-mouth marketing

Advertising is one of the main factors of word-of-mouth marketing. According to information published by Small Business Trends, 85% of small businesses are most affected by word-of-mouth marketing. In general, the more satisfied customers you get from advertising, the more likely you are to increase your customers through word of mouth.

The above list is not exhaustive. But to your question what does advertising do? to answer And it gives ideas on what advantages a newly launched business can get from advertising.

How can advertising help businesses?

A targeted ad can turn any failing business back to winning. But this is not an easy way and you should start by analyzing your marketing, analyzing your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses.

By using different and targeted ways, marketers can revive businesses that have problems in selling and attracting customers. Advertising also helps businesses become stronger and stay ahead of competitors.

So, in any case, advertisements are necessary and important for businesses, and having a proper strategy will make you successful.

Release date : 18 December, 2022




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