Introducing the best advertising methods

Introducing the best advertising methods

New advertising methods

The introduction of the best advertising methods for business growth is given in this article from the Keyupseo blog.

Today, more than ever, new advertising methods are used; From remarketing to conversational advertising.

Since big brands such as Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nike, Pepsi and many other brands use advertising, you should also benefit from these methods to attract more customers.

There are various advertising methods around the world that differ according to the culture of the countries.

Advertisements make your brand and products visible to more people and site traffic increases, which makes the site's SEO stronger.

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In the following, we discuss the latest marketing methods that can play an important role in the survival and growth of your brand and increasing your site visits.

1- Advertising in Google Ads

Advertising in Google Ads is not one of the new advertising methods in itself, but its new features make it useful.

In fact, on October 23, 2000, the first online advertising platform called Google Ads (formerly AdWords) was launched.

But after more than 2 decades, it is still one of the main advertising trends.

Why?! Because of the new features that are always added to it.

For example, new ad plugins like the images plugin added to this ad platform in 2022.

If you have a website or app, it is the best option for you to enter this crowded market.

You may not know, but more than 63,000 searches per second make Google search engine the best space for advertising. In one day, this figure reaches more than 5.6 billion searches.

Imagine how much traffic you can get for your site and how many installs you can get for your app.

Keep in mind that the price of Google Ads is determined according to the field of your activity, the keyword you have chosen, the presence of competitors, and the Quality Score.

For example, a competitive word in the fashion and beauty industry may cost less than a competitive word in the travel and tourism industry. Therefore, the cost of advertising is related to various things.

2- Mobile advertising (vertical)

Today, mobile is one of the favorite tools of digital marketers to display advertisements.

Even in subway cars, people are always using mobile phones.

So this is not a market you want to ignore.

According to a study by Techjury, Americans spend an average of 5.4 hours a day on their smartphones.

Mobile advertising has a variety of methods, including banner ads, native ads, interstitial app ads, in-app video ads, and many more.

Push Notification: Various notifications are implemented on mobile devices. These are advertisements that usually appear on smartphone pages without entering the application.

Click to download: There are various programs or games that show a part of the program to the user with a short video advertisement and force him to do something. These clicks or touches are transferred to the download software.

Some advantages of mobile advertising

Some advantages of mobile advertising

  • It is displayed to people in required situations.
  • Requires less content to be effective.
  • Urges the user to take immediate action.
  • Publishes advertising content in a space where potential users are present.
  • Displays content that can be shared.
  • Creates information that can be evaluated at any time.

3- Bandwagon advertising

You may not have heard of this ad, but you've probably seen an example of it. It is a type of advertisement that encourages the audience to join the winning group!

Bandwagon is not a new advertisement either. In fact, this type of advertisement was created in 1855 and its name was related to a wagon that carried a circus group.

An example of this type of advertisement is related to McDonald's with signs that say:

"Billions of billions of served provided".

4- Remarketing advertisements

Remarketing is one of the new advertising methods that is quite attractive.

One of the features of the Google Ads display campaign is that it allows you to optimize your campaign for people who have visited your site.

For example, I visit an online store to buy a mobile phone, but I do not take any action. (Action such as registration, purchase, sharing, etc.)

If I visit sites that host remarketing ads, I may see store ads again. More interestingly, the advertisement for the same mobile phone will be displayed to me.

5- Viral marketing

Viral marketing is one of the latest advertising methods that indirectly targets potential business contacts.

It is called an organic sales method that leads to more sales through word-of-mouth marketing. The Internet and social networks help to popularize advertising messages by sharing, liking, etc.

This new advertising method can be implemented with different strategies.

For example:

Starbucks' coffee. Most likely, you heard the story of Starbucks coffee in the eighth season of Game of Thrones, which was on the table in front of the mother of dragons.

Do you think this was a mistake? It doesn't seem like it.

By showing this coffee in the series, Starbucks earned more than 2.3 billion dollars! Such a sale does not happen by chance.

New advertising methods

6- Creative campaigns (indirect advertising)

In recent years, we have come across creative campaigns that indirectly advertise the brand.

This type of advertising can be seen in almost all advertising channels. From advertising billboards to advertisements that we see daily on the computer or mobile phone.

By running such a campaign, you can increase your sales amazingly.

Let's see some examples of this new advertising method.

Another creative ad run by Orion to showcase the amazing power of its telescopes. In the picture, you can see the image of the raised American flag in space, which is visible with the x800 zoom of the telescope, which is made in China. Exaggerated advertising with creativity.

Creative campaigns (indirect advertising) Orion telescope

Chupa Chups candies

Chupa Chups company has created a creative ad in collaboration with DDB advertising agency and indirectly promoted its candies without sugar. As you can see in the picture, the ants change their path regardless of the candy.

Creative campaigns (indirect advertising) Chupa Chups candies

7- Gorilla Marketing

Almost the biggest and most catchy ads are placed in the category of guerrilla marketing campaigns.

Advertisements that blow your mind in any situation!

Suppose you have parked the car in the parking lot with all the busyness of the day, and as you are going out of the parking lot upside down, you find yourself with spilled paint on the ground. Like the picture below:

Gorilla Marketing

Or consider a car that is moving through the city with a cloud of black smoke.

Guerrilla marketing or guerrilla marketing campaigns are not meant to be huge and catch everyone's eye.

For example, the Swiss watch retailer IWC has used bus handles so that people can see the company's watches on their wrists.

8- Marketing influencer

This type of marketing is one of the new advertising methods due to the fact that people are becoming influencers (representing various types of food, hotels, cars, etc.). Of course, not very new!

You probably know that this advertising method was first implemented in 2006.

The way this type of marketing works is that famous people talk about a specific product or service to their audience and encourage them to buy that product or use that service.

With this, brand awareness increases significantly and the probability of buying from brands increases.

Therefore, at the time of writing this article, it is appropriate to use this type of advertisement, and it will play an important role in the growth of your brand.

The importance of using new advertising methods

The importance of using new advertising methods

Advertising is needed in the growth of any business, and you should always use the best methods to achieve success.

These were the new advertising methods for 2023, the use of which will play an important role in the development of your business.

Also, by using these methods, you can get many customers.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article on the Keyupseo blog.

Release date : 25 July, 2023




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