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Helping your business grow with Marketing Stack is an important strategy for your growth, and we have described it on the Keyupseo blog.

Every marketing professional should ask themselves what their marketing team will look like in the future. How about a year later? How many people will you add to your marketing team? What new tools, systems and data do you need?

There are many potential questions that you can think about regarding the future of your business, but there is one thing that you will definitely come across; For every question, there is certainly more answer!

More data, more experts, more processing, more complex problems and more questions about data security and privacy, etc. will arise.

As the owner of your company's technology stack, it's up to you to ensure your company's future by becoming more informed, not just today, but for every stage your team is at, from now to the next!

The Keyupseo system is with you as a site traffic service provider and a place to buy website visits so that you can get to know this marketing strategy better.

Accurate answers to "more" digital marketing questions

The fact is that there is no out-of-the-box method that will help you prepare more.

Your company is unique, and your perfect marketing stack won't look exactly like everyone else's.

This is when you need to choose the right technology tools for your team, then set them up in a way that your future team can use and understand.

All of this helps ensure a positive return on your marketing investment. You're probably wondering what could go wrong, right?

Don't worry, we were at this stage too. Having tripled the size of our marketing team in three years, our Marketing Operations team is very familiar with the challenge of "more".

Stay with us to get to know these 6 views.

  1.  Keep systems simple

Simplifying and keeping systems simple is necessary for you. If you're not familiar with the keep it simple, stupid principle, the term was originally coined by an aerospace engineer in the US Navy, stating that simplicity ensures the highest level of user acceptance and engagement.

The term is often used in software design, for example, where the incremental increase in functions and instructions can make products unmanageable over time.

How can you prevent this from happening in your company? Write down your current strategy and review the value of each step of your process with your leadership team.

Consider what processes could be done more efficiently and what factors could be eliminated.

If you can simplify your marketing strategies as much as possible, then regardless of how you build your systems, you'll be on the right track.

  1.  Aim for mid-term solutions

Your planning may have some problems at first, and if you make a decision in your marketing stack now, it may respond and work properly in a year.

Although in reality, you'll probably change the system dozens of times over the next few years. You shouldn't worry about choosing your eternal technology, but don't look for a tool that will be obsolete in 6 months either.

The goal is for the medium term. The costs of switching systems have never been lower, thanks to the emergence of data warehousing platforms such as customer data platforms that are front-office systems and iPaaS solutions that allow providers of front-office systems. Merge for easy data transfer.

  1.  Strategy first, then technology

As companies grow, we can rely on technology to support processes that are still evolving. This usually happens when a team takes a powerful tool that has a lot of potential, and they try to mold their systems around it.

What separates a truly powerful marketing stack isn't just about technology.

Kerry Harrington, Marketing Operations Analyst, explains: These tools don't make you successful on their own, it's how you use them that matters.

Carey consulted with many who were building their technology stacks. He taught them to think of their technology stack not as the powerhouse behind their systems, but as a vehicle for the efficient and effective execution of their strategies. If you're still developing your strategy, try to map out and visualize your technology stack, he says.

Accurate answers to "more" digital marketing questions

  1.  Document everything, document well

If your processes and data have not been properly documented over the years, what can happen if you decide to hand over the work to another team?

Documenting the data will help everyone who works for the marketing team not have to do all the analysis again and use the previous data properly.

Lack of documentation is common among growing companies. Note that as your database grows and your systems become more complete, the confusion and data integrity problems will increase and cause you confusion.

Many people simply skip the documentation step. Who wants to document data and reports? Who has time for documentation when they can spend time on administrative issues?

For the sake of your future team and your future mental health, we recommend that you make sure you spend enough time documenting and building the foundation of your data architecture.

Importance of data documentation

The lack of documentation causes us to review the records of changes and documents, or to interpret and review the same issue several times over the years. If someone doesn't document something, it will be really difficult.

One of the most valuable resources for any startup and company that can help it grow is the documentation that is created by engineers and explains in simple terms how the system and codes work.

The goal is for this level of documentation to spread across all programs and be easily accessible to all team members.

  1.  Point solutions serve a purpose

A point solution is actually a product or service that addresses a very specific need in a marketing company. Sometimes, you just need a piece of software to do a certain job perfectly. Well, no problem so far. But keep in mind that every piece you add to your infrastructure comes with compliance risks, technical challenges, maintenance and general management, and you need to consider these risks.

Carefully consider whether you need to integrate it into your technology stack. Sometimes point solutions only work well in silos.

If you have a point solution in your current stack, think about how you can use it on a larger scale? How does it interact with your other technologies, and what do you need to do to maintain it?

  1.  Don't forget ease of use

The bottom line is that ease of use is important, but you shouldn't forget the essentials.

There are many options and choices out there, so don't settle for less than what you need.

At the end of the day, you need to choose a system that is easy for your team to learn and use, but still give you the flexibility and flexibility to get things done.

The challenge with today's marketing automation tools is that they only offer 2 levels.

In other words, these types of systems either consider the power level of the capital owner or the comfort level of the consumer, and never provide both levels at the same time.

As a result, many are still stuck investing in expensive, overcomplicated, and underutilized tools, which cause you to spend too much time on the system instead of giving it to your customers. Take care

With all the tools that are available today, there is no need to use old, heavy, complex and time-consuming software anymore.

You'll grow better when you focus on delighting your customers and creating great experiences instead of managing your software.

"More" and "more" is a wonderful thing in marketing strategies

Adding "more" can be scary, but "more" means you're growing more.

This moment is the best time to become a professional in the field of marketing and digital marketing techniques. With the powerful capital of technology available now, it's easier than ever to grow your marketing stack with a smart leader and the right strategy.

We believe that this point is more important and imperative than anything else for a growing business. That's why you should expect more from your marketing software and the tech stack you've built with it. Think about how your future team will thank you.

Release date : 19 June, 2023




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