The best display advertising networks

Introducing some examples of display advertising networks

Introducing some examples of display advertising networks

There are different types of display advertising, and we will explain the best display advertising networks in this article from Keyupseo blog.

Boost your business by introducing these few examples of display advertising networks and using them to attract more customers.

These types of ads are paid online ads that appear on websites, apps, and social media.

You can do digital marketing work using these advertising methods.

Also, to improve the site's SEO, you need to increase site visits traffic, which can be provided with the help of advertising. If you need more traffic in SEO, use Increase site visits traffic through the Keyupseo system.

In the following, we will introduce and guide the use of these advertising networks, stay with us.

The best advertising network: Google AdSense

Google AdSense can be considered as the best advertising network. In the following, we have explained the advantages of this advertising method.

  • Advantages: Google AdSense size, versatility, recognition

Google AdSense is one of the largest and best display advertising networks in the world. This network has nearly 2 million advertisers and billions of customers. It is also extremely effective in driving traffic to websites.

As one of the leading ad networks in the world, Google AdSense holds its advertisers to strict quality standards. These strict standards may not seem logical at times, but they are in place to ensure that only genuine advertisers use Google AdSense.

It is better to know that Google Ads are not only for websites. The ads of this network are also presented in apps and other mobile applications so that you can reach the largest possible audience.

  To start advertising through AdSense, just go to the Google site and follow their instructions. Next, you need to create high-quality ads that attract users to click through to your site.

Advertising in the network of Facebook contacts

Facebook is considered as one of the advertising networks that has a good yield.

  • Advantages of advertising on Facebook: size, adaptability, recognition

Facebook has more than 1 billion users worldwide and is undoubtedly one of the best display advertising networks. Millions of these 1 billion do advertising activities. Facebook also has a very powerful display network known as the Audience Network.

In terms of the quality and legality of the company, very high standards have been assigned to this network. Facebook ads are simple, easy for everyone to use, and intuitive enough that any advertiser can get good results from it.

Facebook also serves ads across a wide network of apps and non-website media. Overall, this network is a great way for you to reach your potential customers using Facebook's vast repository of user data.

Plus, if you've already advertised on Facebook, transitioning to using Audience Network is pretty straightforward. You've already followed the same instructions as Facebook ads, you just need to change the sizes to match the specifications of the ad medium you want to use.

Advertising on mMedia network

  • Advantage: low cost

mMedia is one of the best display networks for companies new to this form of advertising. To advertise on this network, you need a minimum amount of capital, which is about $20.

Although this investment may not have a good result, it is possible in any way. But even if you want to focus on one type of ad for one type of customer, you can still get good results with a lower-than-average mMedia investment.

The best advertising network

Advertising on Apple

Apple, having many users around the world, is able to be active as an advertising network, and you also get benefits for using it.

  • Advantages of advertising on Apple: size, mobile

If you plan to advertise on mobile phones, Apple's advertising network is the best option for you. In fact, Apple is the leader in advertising on the phone display. This is partly because Apple owns the world's largest app store. This means they can make it easy for their developers to earn money by inserting ads. Apple is also among the best advertising networks in the world.

This simple system allows developers to earn money as well as continuously reach new customers who may have never even heard of their website.

In addition, Apple Ads has a suggestion system and visual intuition that allows advertisers to choose how to display their ads. In general, Apple Ads is a tightly controlled system that displays ads exclusively on mobile apps.

Advertising on Yahoo!

Advertising on Yahoo's site and platform also has its own unique features, and you can decide to use it according to your target audience.

  • Advantages of advertising on Yahoo: size, reasonable price

Yahoo may not be as popular a search engine as it used to be, but it is still one of the best advertising networks out there. On Yahoo, it is seen by millions of users every month, and this is the reason why advertisements remain effective in it.

It also has a targeting system that benchmarks potential customers by location and age, among a wide range of other demographic factors.

This search engine may not be as big as Google, but it is still a cost-effective option for reaching new customers.

Display ads on Taboola

  • Advantage: Affiliates

Taboola is one of the best private advertising networks. The network isn't one of the most well-known names in the world of display advertising, but its gigantic client base is very tempting to attract new ads. Taboola submits your ads to publications like The Motley Fool, The Atlantic, and even Netflix.

Netflix alone is enough to attract any advertiser, from startups to large corporations. On the plus side, this means you have plenty of opportunity to interact with customers.

According to your goals and targeting for the target audience, you can use the Taboola display advertising network.

Advertising on the Epom platform

  • The advantage of advertising in Epom: creating free test ads

If you are looking for an advertising network to test before paying, Epom is one of the best options.

Epom actually allows users to create a trial ad before paying. This free trial may not be very long, but it's a great bonus for companies that haven't used display ads before.

One of the advantages of Epom is that even if you plan to use another network later; You can practice seeing if display ads are right for you. Beyond that, Epom has its merits. An all-in-one network, offering display, video and mobile apps.

It also works with several other networks to provide you with different options for reaching customers. And most importantly, Epom is affordable. So if you are looking to start display advertising but not sure where to start, Epom is the best solution for you.

Advertising on Airpush

  • Advantage: choice of companies

Airpush is one of the best mobile advertising networks that offers more than 150,000 different programs. This network is one of the most transparent display networks in the world. They also work exclusively on opt-in. This means that the app will run more ads on the platform and have more users.

Display network on mobile with the help of Leadbolt

  • Advantage: control

Leadbolt is a mobile display network that allows advertisers to choose between self-serve and full ads. For obsessive users, Leadbolt has a real bidding price feature. So you can update your bids for different ads.

This control makes Leadbolt one of the most convenient advertising platforms in the world. You can take full control of your mobile ads or trust one of Leadbolt's account managers. Regardless of the choice, you will have the best possible control over your ads.

What are the best display advertising networks?

What are the best display advertising networks?

You should know that display networks are networks that bring different types of advertisements to customers.

The best display advertising networks have different options from the ability to measure and benchmark the audience to the acquisition of a potential audience related to various businesses.

Now, with the help of this article that you have read, you can choose any of the above options according to your needs and goals.

Release date : 11 May, 2023




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