Review of 6 important Google Ads updates

Review of 6 important Google Ads updates

Full review of 6 Google Ads updates

Google Ads is one of the best advertising ways for business growth. But creating and managing advertising campaigns is not that simple and you need to be trained. Also, Google always gives updates and you should learn new tips.

In this article, we've listed six Google Ads updates and discussed the disadvantages, benefits of advertising on Google, and what you can do about it.

Review of 6 important Google Ads updates for better performance in creating and managing advertising campaigns is brought to you.

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  1.  The global site tag is currently the Google tag

As promised at Google Marketing Live 2022, Google announced on August 2 that the Global Site Tag is now a Google Tag that works with your Google Ads and Google Analytics account for easier reporting and tracking without additional code.

Show more information by connecting to analytics

  • Since the Google tag works for both features, you can combine your Google Ads and Google Analytics tags. But this is completely optional, and you can keep them separate if you like.
  • You can manage your tag settings through a new Google tag page in Google Ads and Google Analytics.

How to connect with Google Tag Manager

  • No need to do anything. Existing global tags are automatically converted to Google tags.

Hear the bell! You'll soon be able to use your existing Google tag installation when creating new Google products, accounts, and conversion actions, without the need for additional code. Plus, more Google Ads updates are coming. Especially for those who use Google Tag Manager.

  1.  Google automatically switches eligible accounts to data-driven document modeling

You must remember and have not forgotten that last year, Google changed the default document model for new conversion actions to data-driven documents.

Now in the latest new update of Google Ads, this system will automatically change eligible accounts to data-driven documents.

This was not intended as an official announcement, as it only applies to some accounts. But those Google Ads account owners who are eligible for this event, would receive an email with the following title:

  • We're contacting you because one or more of your conversion actions are strong candidates for data-driven attribution. If you do not take any further action by (…), we will change your model.

Information needed for data-driven document modeling

  • Data-driven attribution is a multi-touch attribution model that uses historical data to more accurately measure each action that leads to more conversions.
  • These documents only apply to advertisers whose conversion actions meet the data requirements.
  • You can opt out of the transfer alerts you receive in the notifications view or in the actual conversion settings section of the platform.
  • You have until the specified date to withdraw from this matter.

Important points regarding data-based document modeling

  • If you have been informed about data-driven document modeling, it is best to familiarize yourself with this type of document before deciding to opt out. You can do this with Google's help article on data-driven documents.
  • In any case, you can use this Google Ads update for a month or more and if you don't see the results you want later, cancel it.
  1.  Third-party cookies have been discontinued until 2024

On July 27th, following the new Google Ads update, Google announced that third-party cookies in Chrome will be stopped again until the second half of 2024.

Important tips for deprecating third-party cookies

  • Advertisers use data from third-party cookies to target the target audience and analyze the behavior of their website visitors after they leave the site.
  • Google announced in January 2020 that it will remove third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022 in order to protect privacy. Since then, Google has been working on cookie-free tracking and targeting solutions for advertisers.
  • Google will continue to remove these cookies for years to come.
  • More time is needed to test and implement these solutions (without tracking cookies).

Necessary measures regarding the obsolescence of third-party cookies

Our recommendations for this new Google Ads update are nothing new, but you should act now:

  • Try new solutions for collecting first-party data on your website.
  • Explore the secure privacy features that are already available.
  • Leverage the power of third-party data while it's still available to you.

Text to speech for YouTube ads

  1.  Text to speech for YouTube ads

On July 20, 2022, Google added an audio text-to-speech tool to the Google Ads platform. This new update of Google Ads is a new artificial intelligence technology to convert your written script into natural sounding speech.

Google analyzed 5,000 YouTube ads to model seven unique voices, four male and three female. This can give advertisers a few different options to determine the best voice for their brand.

Considering that creating audio sounds can take a lot of time, this new Google Ads update will be very useful.

Important things you need to know

  • To try out this new Google Ads update, log into your library in Google Ads and select a video ad that you want to add audio to.

Type your script and choose your voice style as well. AI-generated audio will definitely overlap well with your video ad.

  • Google doesn't make any suggestions about what to do if the AI doesn't work properly in any part of your script.

For now, all you can do is visit the Google Help Center or contact support to get started and use every feature in Google Ads.

  1.  Google automatically updates smart shopping campaigns to have the best performance

Performance Max campaigns were added to Google Ads last year. It is clear that this type of campaign can completely replace smart and local shopping campaigns.

As mentioned, Google announced that starting July 21, 2022, Low will automatically add Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max.

What you need to know:

Important points in updating Performance Max campaigns

  • Google will inform you 2–3 weeks before the new updates of Google Ads and campaigns.
  • Most of these updates will be completed by the end of September, just in time for the holidays. But some campaigns that use certain features, such as vehicle ads, may not be upgraded until early 2023.
  • Your campaign settings as well as previous campaign history data will be transferred by default.
  • There is an auto-upgrade tool in Performance Max that you can use to make the switch on your own with one click.

Necessary steps to update Performance Max campaigns

  • Anyway, your campaigns will replace old campaigns. So you can get ahead of the curve and upgrade now, right?
  • You can access this tool from the Notifications section, or the Recommendations page, or the Campaigns page.
  • Be careful! As Google says, this new Google Ads update will soon be available for local campaigns.
  • This new Google Ads update is a reminder to advertisers that advertisers should be more comfortable with Performance Max campaigns.
  1.  Google introduces diagnostic insights for Performance Max campaigns

The latest Google Ads update is related to a newer type of campaign. In early July, Google added a new Diagnostic Insights view to the Insights and Overview pages on the platform. This new Google Ads update helps advertisers make sure their Performance Max campaigns are running properly and nothing is missing.

What you need to know:

This new Instagram update can automatically detect issues related to:

  • Condition
  • Bill
  • Conversion tracking policies
  • the budget
  • Strategy objectives
  • The power of advertising

What you have to do

  • Performance Max still seems like uncharted territory for many Google Ads advertisers. Therefore, I recommend that you collect a variety of information about your own campaigns and learn about diagnostic insights as well.

Stay up-to-date on Google Ads updates!

Stay up-to-date on Google Ads updates!

To have a successful campaign, a professional digital marketer always goes along with Google Ads updates and makes the most of its features. To increase site traffic and SEO growth, you must be able to attract more users to become your potential customers and only return to your site in the future.

Increasing site traffic through Keyupseo system with dedicated settings is also useful in this way to improve SEO.

While changes to the Google Ads platform are inevitable, you can easily succeed in Google Ads and manage any new Google Ads updates by being prepared to manage any updates.

Knowing what each new Google Ads update means and when and why it happens can help you avoid confusion in the long run. Is there an easy way to find out about the new Google Ads update? Yes, stay with us to learn more about the new updates of Google Ads in a summary.

Summary of 6 important Google Ads updates

In short, we have brought you the recent and important updates of Google Ads:

  • The site's global tag is now a Google tag.
  • Google will switch eligible Google Ads accounts to data-driven document modeling.
  • The obsolescence of third-party cookies has been delayed until the second half of 2024.
  • With the new Google Ads update, you can use the text-to-speech tool in Google Ads to create advertising sounds on YouTube.
  • It's time to upgrade. Enhance your Smart Shopping campaigns to their maximum performance.
  • You can now monitor your Performance Max campaigns with the help of the Diagnostic Insights page.

Release date : 4 May, 2023




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