Why is keyword important in Google ads?

The importance of keywords in Google ads

The importance of keywords in Google ads

The keyword is known as one of the most basic advertising factors in Google Ads and plays an important role in Google advertising campaigns.

Adding high-quality keywords related to advertising campaigns increases site traffic and has the ability to improve the quality of results obtained from Google Ads ads.

Of course, you should note that choosing the right keywords is not always an easy task, and to find words that have a good connection with the topics searched by users; It can be a bit challenging.

In this article from the Keyupseo blog, we have explained to you the role of keywords in Google Ads and the reason for their high importance in this platform.

What is the keyword?

In a general definition, keywords refer to phrases that you, as an advertiser, use to introduce your product or service to your audience.

Many things can be done for SEO and site optimization with keywords, such as buy website traffic, but in this article, we want to explain to you the role of keywords in Google Ads.

Choosing the right keywords in Google Ads ads is very important; Because users see your ads and get to know your brand by searching these words.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the importance of keyword optimization in the process of advertising in Google Ads.

What are the characteristics of a good keyword?

What factors are influential in choosing a suitable keyword? How does compliance with the persona of the audience happen in the selection of keywords? How to target a wider audience using keywords?

All these are questions that should be considered in the process of identifying and choosing the right keywords for campaigns and have a specific plan for them.

In the following, we have given you the most important parameters in choosing a good keyword.

Think like your customers

The interesting thing about advertising in Google Ads is that you pay Google as an advertiser; But you are not known as the first customer of this company.

According to the report published by Metigy website, Alphabet, Google's parent company, has earned 80% of its annual revenue from advertising. It is true that this income comes from the money that different companies give to Google to display their ads, but if there is no audience to click on these ads; Monetization doesn't happen for Google.

This is something that you should always pay attention to in the process of advertising in Google Ads. Google is always looking to update its terms and conditions to design them in a way that meets the needs of users in the best possible way.

In the process of advertising on Google, you should not think about the keywords that you think are suitable for your business; Rather, you should choose the terms that have recorded the most searches by users.

Give the customer a compelling reason to buy

The ideal mode of advertising in the Google Ads network is to design advertising campaigns around a certain type of service or product. This type of campaign customization gives you room to find the right mix of quality keywords.

Do you work in the field of selling plane tickets? Do you have more sales at different times of the year? Or do you offer special services to your customers? Every business has services or products that have a lot of fans that can be used as a great idea for writing the right keywords.

You may pay more to provide services to your customers by choosing this method; But the more clicks and site traffic you get from Google Ads ads will definitely be worth the investment.

High search volume

The search volume of keywords is one of the important factors that determines how popular the phrase you have chosen is for users and how much it has been searched for.

What are the characteristics of a good keyword?

Checking the monthly search volume of keywords

If you have noticed, in the Google Ads account, Google itself has marked a series of keywords and does not allow you to use them in your campaigns. The reason for this is also quite clear; Because this series of words has a very low click rate and will only result in a waste of users' capital.

Removing keywords with low search volume

Note that in the process of choosing keywords for your campaign, use smart tools in this field. These tools provide you with suitable options to choose from, taking into account various factors such as the amount of monthly searches or the possible cost per click. There are various tools in this field, and we will examine each of them below.

According to Google's keyword verification algorithms

A series of keywords cannot be used in advertising campaigns.

  • Keywords that are used as single words.
  • Keywords that are too general and do not have a specific field of activity.
  • Keywords that have a quality score of 1 or 2.

How keywords work in Google Ads

In order to get a higher Quality Score in the Google Ads network; You need to design your ads in such a way that they are effectively related to the keywords you are bidding on.

In Google search ads, the keywords that users search for; They are displayed in bold in the description of your ads. So using keywords several times will make your ads more visible.

Bolding key phrases in the description

As mentioned earlier; Keywords are the basis of Google Ads advertising, and their correct use in the process of advertising on Google can bring many benefits to the users of this network.

Below we have prepared a series of tips that you can use keywords better by considering them.

  • Try to use keywords both in the headline and in the description of your ads and use appropriate call to action (CTA) options along with it.
  • Use the sitelink ad plugin in your ads, which will target a wider range of audiences and cover more keywords.

Keywords and search terms

In colloquial discussions, the terms keywords and search terms are often confused with each other. But in what cases do these two differ from each other?

The choice of keywords is also effective in the SEO of the site, and therefore one must be careful in choosing them for the advertising campaign. It is better to read the article The impact of Google Ads on SEO to know the effects of your campaigns on SEO website.

Keyword is considered as a combination of several different search terms; But the search terms (Search Query) are the word or words that the user searches for in the Google search bar to find the answer to his question.

As an advertiser we target keywords. For example, you have an online shoe store and one of the keywords you choose; It is "buying leather shoes". Now, if you bid on the keyword of buying leather shoes; Users who have searched various search terms such as "buying natural leather shoes" in Google; They will likely see your ad.

How to find the right keywords?

By this point in this article, you've probably made up your mind to identify keywords related to your industry. But what tool can be used to select these keywords? Smart tools in the marketing world have been designed for this, some of the most important of which are as follows.

Google Ads keyword planner tool

Keyword Planner is one of the powerful tools of Google Ads that provides a wide range of keywords such as specific keywords for each field or long keywords to its users.

Like most Google tools, this tool is free to use and you only need to create your Google Ads account to access it.

Key Features

  • Display keyword search details such as monthly search rate or search changes in the last three months
  • Display the level of competition on the desired keyword
  • Display the suggested cost amount for each word
  • Ability to add the desired keyword to existing campaigns
  • Viewing the search rate of a keyword in the previous month and comparing it with the search rate of the same month last year (YoY).
  • Viewing the percentage of display share (Impression Share) of advertisements

The display share or impression of the advertising tap is considered as a factor that determines the visibility of your ads among other ads in your field. This review compares the total number of impressions received by a campaign and the number of impressions that the campaign had the potential to receive; It gives you a percentage that you can use to check your campaign performance.

Google Trends

Maybe you, as an expert in your field, have enough market knowledge; But definitely, the point of view you have towards your product or service is different from the point of view of customers.

Using the Google Trends tool gives you the opportunity to look at your products and services from the customer's mind and thus identify the needs of your customers.

Key Features

  • Display the level of interest of users to a specific keyword over time
  • Display the popularity of the keyword based on the geographical area
  • Display relevant keywords

Your own website

It may be interesting to you, but many times, by browsing the content of your site, you will find keywords that perform very well.

Considering that your website is considered as an expert reference in your field of work; It can also be used as a good source for finding keywords for advertising campaigns. Obviously, using this is feasible for brands that have rich content on their website.

The impact of keywords on the success of Google advertising campaigns

The impact of keywords on the success of Google advertising campaigns

In general, it can be said that the words and phrases that describe the type of your product or service and help you determine the time of display or placement of your ads are called keywords.

This is the definition that Google has provided to its users of keywords; But in a simpler definition, keywords are important factors that Google can use to show your ads to your target audience.

Google's artificial intelligence from the information you provide as an advertiser (keywords); And it uses information that users provide (search terms) to decide whether to show your ad to people who are looking for it.

Audiences are very important to Google. Google's intelligent algorithms are constantly finding new structures to display the most relevant results to their users. Google has done this in order to provide high-quality search results to its audience, and this is the first point that you should consider as an advertiser on the Google Ads platform.

This is exactly why you need to choose the right keywords for your campaigns; Because if your ads are not designed in accordance with the questions and needs of users; It won't get many clicks and will only result in a waste of your capital.

The importance of keyword grouping in Google Ads

The high variety of search terms is a compelling reason for digital marketing experts to recommend grouping keywords. The example of the shoe store brand that we used before; Here too, it can help us to better understand the issue.

You definitely can't use words like Nike or Jordan that are related to sneakers in an Ad Group related to college shoes.

Keyword grouping

Proper grouping of keywords will help you have a proper strategy for your Google Ads ads, which will attract more potential customers by raising the quality score of your campaigns.

The best way to do this is to use the tools that we introduced to you earlier. Using this tool, you can identify the general keywords of your field of work and convert them into smaller specific words to get better results from advertising in Google Ads.

Negative keywords

If you own a men's clothing brand; Naturally, you don't want people to see your ad who are looking for women's or children's clothes. But how can you prevent these events from happening and determine the target audience correctly in Google Ads?

Negative keywords are another attractive feature of Google Ads that can be used to remove keywords that are not useful for our campaigns in order to have more accurate targeting for our ads.

For example, in this case, keywords such as "women's clothing" or "children's clothing" can be included in the list of negative keywords so that your ads reach those who are looking to buy these clothes; Do not show. According to many digital marketing experts, finding negative keywords related to your field of activity is one of the main factors that can show your ads to users who are looking for your product or service.

The role of keywords in Google Ads

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article; Keywords are known as the most basic factor of Google Ads advertising, and their correct selection plays a significant role in the success of your campaigns.

Now that you have realized the bold role of keywords in the Google Ads network; You should use smart tools in this field to have high-quality combinations of keywords for your campaigns.

Release date : 23 September, 2023




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