More profit with Responsive Google Ads

Important points in Responsive Search Ads

Important points in Responsive Search Ads

Making more profit with Responsive Google Ads for advertising campaigns is the subject of this article from the Keyupseo blog.

Stay with us to find out how to get more profit from our campaigns using Responsive Search Ads?

It was on February 18, 2021 that Google officially announced that from this date Responsive Search Ads will replace Expanded Search Ads and will be known as the default model of search ads on the Google Ads network.

Google AdWords Responsive Ads are created in a completely flexible way and by using a larger number of different headlines and descriptions, it leaves the hands of users free to create different advertising ideas.

As you know, Google Ads is very effective for branding and can indirectly affect the site's SEO, so read this article completely.

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The differences between Expanded Search Ads and Responsive Search Ads

Unlike expanded ads, responsive Google ads allow you to choose 15 headlines and 4 descriptions for your campaigns and use them to target a wider range of users.

Using this information, Google's artificial intelligence reaches 43,680 different combinations and chooses the best ones to display in advertising campaigns.

In this way, your hand is more open in choosing the headline and different descriptions.

Return On Investment (ROI) is one of the key factors in Google Ads advertising campaigns, which determines how much of the budget you spent on advertising was profitable for you.

One of the wide applications that responsive Google Ads ads have for users is increasing the profitability of campaigns using this advertising model.

Now we are going to provide you with solutions for using these ads to increase the efficiency of advertising campaigns.

How Google AdWords Responsive Ads Work

As mentioned earlier, the Google Ads algorithm receives 15 headlines and 4 descriptions from the user in responsive ads and by merging them, selects the best available combinations to display on the Google Ads network.

This integration finally ends at the point where 3 headlines and 2 different descriptions are selected to be displayed on the Google results page (SERP).

By analyzing the behavior of users, the topics searched by them and using tools such as cookies, Google's artificial intelligence identifies the needs of its users and creates responsive campaign search terms according to them.

Increasing the efficiency of advertising campaigns using responsive advertising

Paying attention to details is one of the important factors that can significantly increase the efficiency of your responsive campaigns.

Due to its nature, Responsive Search Ads targets a wider range of audiences compared to the traditional method of text ads on Google.

Therefore, you should pay attention to consider the ideas and wishes of different users in creating this type of advertisement. In this article, we have tried to introduce you to 5 simple solutions by using which you can use Google AdWords Responsive Ads to increase the profitability of your campaigns.

Consider different interests of users

It doesn't matter what field your business is in. Your audience always has different opinions and interests, which are influenced by various factors. In general, customers are divided into 3 main groups, and you, as a business manager, should create advertisements that cover the various questions of these people well.

  • The first group of customers are those for whom the price of the product or service is important.
  • Quality is another important factor that is prioritized for another group of customers.
  • For some customers, timely delivery and after-sales service are of great importance to them.

In such a situation, using expanded ads that use only one headline and description does not meet the needs of users, and it is better to use several key phrases in your headlines that cover different questions of users.

Bring variety to your headlines and advertising texts

Bring variety to your headlines and advertising texts

In Responsive Search Ads, in order to target a larger audience, you need to avoid repetition. Therefore, you should choose your headlines in such a way that if they are placed next to each other, while covering the different needs of users, they also have good coordination and communication with each other.

The noteworthy point regarding the selection of these headlines is their proper coordination with each other, which covers the various questions of the users.

In creating expanded ads, one of the most important things is the use of practical Call To Action options that convince the user to take the desired action.

  This model of CTAs is usually presented to the user in the form of a string of different explanations that if we want to implement similar ideas in responsive campaigns, the result will be a long CTA that is not very attractive to the user.

In Responsive Ads campaigns, in order to convince the user to click on your ad, you need to adjust your ad text in such a way that it is most compatible with the campaign headlines and conveys the feeling to the user that by clicking On your ad, he gets the answers to his questions.

It is better to use words and phrases in the description of your advertising text that describe your type of services or products in a clear and simple way for the user.

Coordination of description with different headlines

If you are one of those people who still believe in using a specific headline or description in advertising campaigns, you can use Google AdWords Responsive Ads Pin feature and tell Google which headline or description you want. Where will your ads appear?

Use the artificial intelligence scoring feature of Google Ads

In Google AdWords Responsive Ads, it is possible for users to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Using this practical tool is quite simple and to access it, you can click on the word Edit in your responsive campaigns to easily see the status of your campaign according to Google.

How to measure this Google tool is based on different things.

Things like the number of headlines and descriptions used in the campaign, the variety of words and phrases used in the advertisement, or the relevance of keywords to your field of work, are factors that will be effective in determining the effectiveness of your advertisement.

In addition, this tool provides you with practical suggestions to improve your campaigns, using which you can create attractive headlines and descriptions for your audience.

Use KPI information from your campaigns to increase traffic

It is true that Google's artificial intelligence is considered as one of the appropriate methods to evaluate the quality of Google's responsive ads.

Examining factors such as Click-through-Rate or Conversion Rate is always the best way to understand the effectiveness or not of ads on the Google Ads network.

If your responsive campaigns provide you with suitable combinations of key search terms that are well coordinated with the topics searched by users; Most likely, the number of people attracted to your ads will increase and the impression of your campaigns will also increase. When this happens; You are likely to see changes in the Key Performance Indicators of your campaigns.

Key performance indicators in Google Ads advertising are considered as a series of measurable factors that can be used to measure the success rate of advertising campaigns.

Benefits of using KPI information

Many advantages have been mentioned in relation to the use of information that KPIs provide to users, the most important of which is to identify the weak and strong points of the campaigns and as a result increase or decrease the cost in those parts or measure the success or not of the advertisements. did

Click rate, Quality Score, impressions of campaigns and other key factors in Google Ads advertising are known as important indicators in the advertising process in Google.

The average click rate in the industrial services sector is 2.6%, which is obtained in relation to the use of Expanded ads.

Responsive Google ads, however, register a higher click rate for advertising campaigns due to targeting a larger number of users, in this example, the click rate recorded for the campaign is equal to 14.45%.

Of course, you should note that only using responsive Google Ads ads did not bring this increase in key indicators and you need to get help from a Google marketing consultant in this field.

If you also intend to use responsive Google campaigns to increase the efficiency of your search ads.

Increase the profitability of your campaigns with responsive Google Ads ads

Use the best combination to launch your Google Ads campaigns

Even if you have the best responsive Google Ads campaign; Again, forgetting the ad texts you used in your Expanded campaigns; It doesn't seem like a good choice.

You may already have a combination of a suitable headline and description that have worked well in your advertising campaigns. In such a situation, we and of course Google suggest you to use a combination of responsive and expanded campaigns in Google search ads.

Since responsive Google Ads ads have the ability to target a larger audience; It is known as an effective tool for advertising in Google.

Combining this model of advertising with the traditional method of text advertising in Google, in addition to increasing the performance of search campaigns, gives you the opportunity to check the effectiveness of each campaign using the results obtained.

Increase the profitability of your campaigns with responsive Google Ads ads

Responsive Google AdWords advertising is one of the practical marketing methods, which according to its features; It provides users with more choices to implement advertising ideas and targets a wider range of audiences.

The rate of return on investment is one of the basic factors in the topic of advertising in Google Ads, and increasing it means more profitability for advertising campaigns.

Responsive Google Ads campaigns are considered as one of the effective advertising methods that can help you increase the efficiency of advertising campaigns if you follow a few simple tips.

We hope this article from Keyupseo blog has helped you.

Release date : 25 May, 2023




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