Teaching how to advertise on Twitter

Teaching how to advertise on Twitter

What is Twitter?

Twitter is one of the popular social networks whose users send short messages (up to 280 characters) called tweets.

They communicate with each other. Sending short messages to people who follow you on Twitter is called tweeting. Twitter users use this social network to discover their favorite people and companies and follow news and events.

There is no difference between corporate and individual accounts on Twitter, and any user can directly follow the accounts of other individuals and companies or make them the addressees of their tweets.

Also, with the help of #hashtag on Twitter, you can express your opinion about trends or follow the latest hashtag news. Twitter advertising is an efficient tool that can be used to achieve business goals and business growth using this popular social network.

In this article from Keyupseo, we want to introduce you to advertising on Twitter. With the help of Keyupseo social network services, you help your business grow.

In the following, we have provided explanations to familiarize yourself with the Twitter social network. By reading this article, you can get to know this famous social network.

Why Twitter Ads?

Simply put, Twitter advertising means promoting your company's promotional tweets on Twitter. Even if all Twitter ads are labeled “Promoted,” they will still be displayed like any other non-promoted tweet.

The goal of running a Twitter ad campaign is to increase the reach of your tweets. Due to the possibilities that Twitter provides for the separation and targeting of audiences efficiently, you can focus on attracting users who are in line with your target audience.

Twitter ads have many similarities with Google Ads ads, however, due to the nature of the social network, it provides much more valuable features to business owners.

What are the benefits of advertising on Twitter?

In the previous articles, we have explained the benefits of advertising on social networks. In this post, we will try to specifically talk about the benefits of using Twitter Ads.

About the distinguishing points of Twitter ads compared to other social networks, the following can be mentioned:

Pay only for achieving the goal

Advertising in social networks is undoubtedly one of the main methods of online advertising. Meanwhile, Twitter ads are very attractive and different!

In Twitter advertising, you only pay when you reach the goal you set. For example, if you have set the goal of your advertising campaign to increase engagement, you will only pay for interactions with your Twitter posts, and displaying your ad will be free.

Or, if you've created an ad campaign to increase app installs, you'll pay exactly for the number of installs made through Twitter ads and no additional fees!

Targeting keywords in Twitter ads

In Twitter ads, like Google ads, it is possible to target keywords (Keyword Targeting).

For example, you can target all the people who have interacted with posts containing the #digital_marketing hashtag in the last week, to show them your promotional tweets, and this means precise audience targeting.

What are the benefits of advertising on Twitter?

Targeting competitors' audiences on Twitter

If you want to show your ads to those who have followed your competitors and industry giants, Twitter is the best choice!

It is enough to create a list of followers of your competitor's account with the available tools and then target them to your advertising tweets from the Tailored Audiences section of Twitter.

Quick results of Twitter advertising campaigns

Twitter is a "microblogging" social network and short posts or tweets are one of the prominent features of this social network. On Twitter, the "here and now" is important. Due to this, the desired advertising results can be obtained in a very short period of time. (Of course, under the condition of good planning)

Effective business goals with Twitter advertising

On Twitter, with a wide network of users and thanks to the various types of Twitter advertising campaigns (which we will explain below), it is easy to define achievable business goals and strive to achieve them.

Integration of the Twitter user interface

Although promoted tweets are labeled with the word "Promoted" to distinguish them from other tweets, these tweets are displayed alongside other non-promoted tweets in the user's timeline in the same standard format and can be liked, retweeted, or He answered them.

Display on different screens and mobile version

Twitter gives the user a full-screen viewing experience, regardless of screen size and type, Twitter is also fully optimized for mobile sounds. Also, the Twitter application for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS operating systems is available to mobile users, which makes this social network very accessible.

Better CTR than other social networks

Various studies have concluded that Twitter ads have a better CTR over time. Compared to other social networks, Twitter ads are more effective in this regard. The reason for this may be due to the fact that fewer companies are taking advantage of Twitter advertising than other social networks.

Types of advertising campaigns on Twitter

On Twitter, any business can find the desired audience according to its marketing goals. For this reason, various campaigns are embedded in the advertising platform of this social network that you can use.

Like advertising in any other channel, for Twitter advertising, we recommend that you clearly identify and analyze your business goals before making any other decisions, so that you can choose the type and settings of the campaign accordingly.

Types of advertising campaigns on Twitter

increase followers

Followers amplify your message on Twitter (and off Twitter). If you want to get more visibility and increase your followers, this is the campaign you need to use. In this type of campaign, you only pay for the number of users who follow you.

Website clicks or conversions

If you intend to use Twitter as a means to increase visits to your site or even increase the number of conversions (increasing sales, newsletter members, etc.), this campaign is right for you, because only for the clicks made on You pay for your site.

Increasing tweet engagements

In this type of campaign, you can advertise your tweets to increase engagement (repost, likes, comments). Studies have shown that this type of advertising increases brand awareness and increases offline sales.

In these types of campaigns, you pay for the interactions you receive through ads, and organic interactions will cost you nothing.

App installs

If you have an application that you want users to get to know and install, this type of campaign is the best choice. In this type of campaign, you only pay for installing the application.

Increasing interaction and use of the application (App re-engagements)

If you want to encourage people who have installed your app to use it more, use this type of campaign to pay only for clicks on the app.

Increased video views (Promoted video views)

Use this type of campaign to increase visibility and engagement with your videos and GIFs. Your video will play automatically when the page is scrolled. In this type of campaign, you only pay for the number of views of your videos.

Increased video views (Promoted video views)

Displaying video ads in other videos (In-stream video views. pre-roll)

Use this campaign type if you want your video to appear at the top of Twitter's content partners' top videos. If your ad is longer than 6 seconds, a Skip button will be displayed next to your video. Advertising costs for this type of campaign are per video view on top videos.


This is the most common type of advertising campaign that Twitter offers. This campaign is for users who want their advertising message to be seen by many users. The advertising cost of this campaign is calculated as CPM (per 1000 impressions).

A guide to increasing ROI with Twitter Ads

Online advertising platforms should allow you to easily measure the effectiveness of your advertising investment, and Twitter is no exception to this and provides comprehensive and valuable information about advertising results so that you can calculate the ROI of your Twitter advertising.

To increase ROI from Twitter advertising, there are many best practices you can use to increase the effectiveness of your Twitter ads.

6 principles for advertising on Twitter

Here are some principles that we think you should keep in mind:

  1. "Now" in social networks. One of the most important issues on Twitter is the here and now. Take advantage of its immediacy and publish your offers with phrases like "only a few more hours" or "breaking news".
  2. Power of numbers. Although "twenty" and "20" are exactly the same thing, numbers are visually more powerful (especially if you're referring to a discount or stating the percentage off.) It's recommended that you always use numbers. Also, when you write the whole word, the number of characters also increases. Remember that careful choice of characters is very important on Twitter.
  3. Being new on Twitter does magic. If something is new, using it on Twitter will increase your chances of attracting an audience. So make sure you keep your audience by talking about new and exciting things!
  4. Chances of success in microblogging. Almost everyone likes to try their luck at winning lotteries; Microblogging is well-received on Twitter. So, if such tweets do not conflict with your business goals, they can definitely be useful for increasing your ROI!
  5. Questions or surveys. Questions and polls are useful Twitter tools for engagement and engagement. Any type of question and survey that is welcomed by some users can help you achieve your business goals and increase your brand awareness.
  6. With Twitter cards, a picture is worth a thousand words. Twitter allows you to integrate more formats besides text with the help of Twitter Cards. Using this feature, you can add any necessary information to improve engagement or increase the ROI of your ads. Tweets with advanced formats get 52% more retweets, and 313% more impact.

Release date : 23 January, 2023




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