Advantages of social media advertising

What are the benefits of social media advertising?

What are the benefits of social media advertising?

Social media advertising has quickly become an effective way to increase sales. Social networks also help in brand recognition.

It is possible to create advertisements for each of the company's accounts on social networks.

Maybe you are a person who has confidently decided to start advertising on these platforms, or maybe you still doubt whether you need this type of advertising or not. This Keyupseo blog post will help you make informed decisions about advertising and using social media advertising.

What are social media ads?

Social media ads are a type of advertising that is done by social media platforms. It is generally said that they contain a title and a description and are accompanied by a certain types of multimedia elements (such as images, videos, infographics, etc.).

However, it is recommended to include a CTA in the ad description, to attract the user's attention and invite them to communicate with your business, product, or service.

Depending on the social network platform where the ad is posted, a social ad can be published in different formats. Although there are different ways to create an ad, don't expect too much difference from Google Ads.

The main differences in advertising in social networks are due to the fact that in them the public is online and you can increase the power of your brand just by interacting with a specific company page on a network.

Advantages of using social media advertising

More and more businesses and entrepreneurs are incorporating social media advertising into their digital marketing plans. But there are still companies that resist. This resistance is only due to the lack of awareness of the benefits of advertising on social networks.

Some of the advantages of using these media are:

Reasonable cost

The cost of advertising on social networks is relatively low compared to other advertising methods. Therefore, part of the budget can be allocated to social network advertising, where you can achieve great results without exorbitant costs.

More access

Advertising on social networks allows us to reach many people. This means that you can reach a large number of potential customers, and as a result, your conversion rate will increase.

Accurate audience targeting

Compared to other media, social advertising allows for more accurate and broad audience targeting.

This means that if you offer a specific product or service, you can target specific users with predetermined characteristics such as gender, age, socio-economic status, use of a specific website, or speaking a specific language.

These are just some of the variables that allow you to accurately identify your target audience.

Brand visibility

To be honest, everyone in the world is on social networks. If a business uses advertising to promote itself, brand awareness will increase significantly.

User experience and customer loyalty

Advertising in social networks is generally related to a brand that has its own profile on that social network. This enables communication with potential customers.

In addition, a company can create a dedicated customer service account, which will lead to a better public image of the brand and increase sales among the same customers.

The most famous marketing platforms in social networks

The most famous marketing platforms in social networks

The effectiveness of advertising directly depends on the social network you have chosen for your advertising campaign. Now let's talk about the most famous platforms:


Facebook advertising provides access to a large community of online users. Currently, there are more than 1.5 billion active profiles on Facebook.

Although the basic requirements for advertising on Facebook include only a headline and the ad itself, the possibilities are limitless. You can publish a post on your website or Facebook page.

You can only post on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, or a third-party website or application. There are different types of advertising depending on the goals of your company. They can also create different metrics to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns (such as clicks, interactions, conversions, sales, etc.).


LinkedIn offers the ability to publish ads (text or multimedia) to spread promotional content or news. In order to reach the target audience that you want your ads to reach, a good title is of course also necessary here.

In addition, you can specify whether you want users to visit your website or even your LinkedIn business profile or not.


Businesses take advantage of Twitter advertising to expand the reach of their tweets and, as a result, get better "tweet engagement."

Companies using Twitter use a payment system called "cost per engagement (CPI)". In this method, you only pay when a user effectively interacts with a tweet, such as by sharing, retweeting, liking, etc.

In this social network, according to the goals that a business wants to achieve, there are different types of campaigns.


Advertising on Instagram is very simple. Each ad is labeled "Sponsored" to tell users that this post is part of a paid ad.

Also, the option to click on "Learn more" is also quite clear. By clicking on this CTA, you can directly access the advertiser's website.

A company that advertises on Instagram can create ads for specific audiences based on user accounts followed, search history, or likes given to a Facebook page. Currently, about one billion users have accounts on Instagram.

How does social media advertising help you?

• Brand recognition: Thanks to the number of social media users, using social advertising is an effective strategy to increase brand awareness.

• Communication: These tools allow a company to design a channel that is specifically for customer interactions so that customers experience a sense of connection with a business.

In this way, social network advertising can help a business to strengthen its relationship with customers or create new relationships with the target company.

Sales, registration, and lead collection

Social media advertising in the form of sales, website registration, or lead collection is another ideal way to achieve conversion rates.

If the user gets what they are looking for and the right CTA is used for this purpose, this method is quite effective.

How does social media advertising help you?

Understanding the target audience

Another benefit that social advertising offers is related to understanding the characteristics of current target audiences and creating new target audiences.

Social networks offer us the possibility of segmenting and targeting potential audiences. With the help of this feature, new markets can be targeted.

The price of advertising on social networks

Each of the social networks receives its own unique fee for running advertisements. For example, Instagram, which is a subsidiary of Facebook, charges a different fee for advertising than Facebook.

Generally, in these media, the advertisement price is determined in several ways. For example, showing 1,000 ads on Instagram and Facebook costs about $7-$8. Or, for example, advertising on LinkedIn costs $5 per click, while displaying an ad on this network costs $10 on average.

According to the services that people need from social networks, the cost of their advertisements is determined. Of course, you should know that the amount of user interaction and the number of people active in these media are also influential.

This is the minimum budget you should consider for social media advertising. As you can see in the table, you will be charged per click or per ad display. We will explain further.

Social media advertising cost per click

It is interesting to know that Twitter receives the lowest cost per click among all social networks. Also, the most expensive price goes to LinkedIn. See more information in the table below.

These costs are determined as an average and may change over different periods of time.

Cost per 1000 impressions for social media advertising

In addition to getting clicks, you will be able to run your ad on social networks for 1000 impressions. The cost of this method is stated in the table below.

What types of social media ads are effective?

Without having experience running ads on social networks, you cannot say which of them is more effective. According to the implementation of the campaign, you can gain important experiences of the effectiveness of advertising.

However, using some social media spaces can have more impact on your ad.

Facebook video ads

Facebook has more than 1.5 billion daily active visitors. In general, Facebook is one of the most ideal social media for advertising. The strength of this network is based on the accurate targeting of users, which is suitable for any business.

One of the most effective ads you can run on Facebook is video ads. It's no wonder that this type of ad is popular on Facebook; Because users are always interested in watching videos.

Creative advertising on Instagram

Creative advertising on Instagram

Instagram receives a very high number of visits and interactions compared to its strong competitors. Instagram content has 58% more views and interactions than Facebook and 2000% more than Twitter! According to Bigcommerce, this figure is real.

Our suggestion is to consider Instagram story ads for your campaigns. While photo, video, and carousel options have their place, stories have attracted more users' attention. These ads are placed among the list of stories of your contacts and are displayed to them.

Running a campaign on YouTube

It may sound a little unnatural, but running an ad on YouTube can be very powerful. A network that registers more than 5 billion video views per day. Of course, we don't mean running ads for a few seconds at the beginning of videos. This type of advertising is effective, but we are talking about another campaign.

You can increase your YouTube video views by using Keyupseo services.

It is better to connect with one or more popular channels. Sponsor them to talk about you and your brand in produced videos. You can also get a link for your website from this type of advertisement so that more visitors will come to you.

The difference between social media advertising and other online advertising platforms

Micro-segmentation: Social media users interact with any number of people, posts, and businesses every day. These specific communications create micro-segmentations that allow you to launch ad campaigns based on these ongoing actions. This is done to achieve more effective access.

Organic Publishing: Social ads are more likely to allow more actions than traditional online advertising platforms. In fact, not only can you click on an option, but you can also "like" or "share" it with your personal network. do it yourself These likes and shares can mean organic exposure of an ad without paying anything.

Getting used to ads: The format of social media ads increases the rate of clicks and visibility of ads. For example, the target user sees that one of his audience has liked the company's post. Also, social media ads are less known as annoying ads. Finally, we hope this article is useful for you and encourages you to create a social media advertising campaign!

final word

Every day, the number of people who become members of social networks is added. For this reason, more and more businesses prefer to increase their activity in these public media.

Running ads on social media is one of the best strategies for store sites. Although it will have a great impact on other fields, e-commerce businesses gain the largest possible share of this market.

Release date : 30 November, 2022




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