Social media marketing training on YouTube

The complete guide to social media marketing on YouTube

The complete guide to social media marketing on YouTube

Having knowledge of social media marketing on YouTube to attract the target audience for the site and business is essential for every marketer.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, and we have provided a complete guide to YouTube social media marketing in this KeyUpSeo article.

There are many video-sharing sites, but YouTube is special and wider among them, and with more subscribers, you have the opportunity to attract more people to your site.

If you are looking for ways to increase YouTube views, and you want to do social network marketing with the help of YouTube, stay with us to get fully acquainted with its strategies.

How do people use YouTube?

Usually, people use YouTube to share videos.

Content is uploaded to YouTube and shared with others. Users can follow channels, upload their content, comment on existing videos, and follow the content of other users.

With the ability to directly link or embed videos, YouTube has become one of the main video sources for users across the web.

Its ability to generate revenue through a variety of advertisements (for itself and its users) has added another financial layer to it.

YouTube key statistics and demographics

  • YouTube has over a billion unique views every month.
  • It has more than 2.49 billion monthly active users
  • More than 6 billion hours of video are viewed by users every month.
  • 500 hours of video files are uploaded every minute.
  • Mobile devices have more than a billion views per day.
  • YouTube attracts more adults 18-34 in the US than any other cable network, according to Nielsen research.
  • Two million YouTube channels earn six figures (hundreds of thousands of dollars) annually.

Strategies and tactics for success on YouTube

Comments and views posted on YouTube are notorious for being pointless.

Most of the comments on this site are meaningless. Most brands disable commenting on their videos for good reasons.

You can have this feature to get engagement. What is not recommended is to leave the commenting feature active and ignore it at the same time. So you have to interact with your users.

If you can interact with your audience, you will get good results.

In the following, we will discuss more about content strategy on YouTube and important points about social network marketing on YouTube.

Educational content and how to do things

For most products, tutorials and how to work with them will be invaluable. Help your audience work well with your products.

For example, you can give people an idea to use the product in a new way. Help them learn how to do things that aren't directly related to your products.

For example, a nail polish brand can highlight how to do hair for a special event. This issue is related to the audience of this brand, but it is not directly related to its products.

Exclusive content

Exclusive content can be in the form of access to a new product, channel-specific discounts, or company news.

Providing this exclusive content to a limited audience can create a sense of respect in these people. Also, creating specific content for each channel allows people to have a reason to follow one or more existing channels. This increases the depth of communication.

Strategies and tactics for success on YouTube

Encourage participation

Let your community create content and share it on your behalf with their networks.

You can contribute to these situations later with the help of hashtags or find a way to help get people's attention and relate user stories.

This activity can increase alertness and awareness about your presence and help audience interaction.

Check the result of the content placed

As with any marketing endeavor, you need to know how your success will be achieved. Direct your efforts toward activities that help you measure progress against set goals; Evaluate your success.

Successful examples on YouTube

We have brought you two examples of social media marketing with the help of the YouTube platform.

Old Spice

It's impossible to talk about conversations on YouTube without talking about what the company did in 2010.

With the help of a personalized response campaign, they changed everything in their favor and the results obtained proved the success of this method.

The secret of this success was using the methods that worked for this company and could keep up with the audience and its needs. This made the company more interactive than before. Recently, REI has used its YouTube channel in the same way.


Despite the wide range of video files that are uploaded to YouTube, the company has been able to gain significant success from the network by educating people on how to market their homes.

Tips and tricks for socializing on YouTube

To market and attract the target audience on the YouTube subscription site, you must know the right way to do it. In general, to be active in social networks and attract the maximum number of users, you must be able to attract their attention. For example, on Instagram, with the increase in the number of post likes, more people will be attracted to your post.

By buying Instagram likes from the KeyUpSeo system, you can attract the attention of the audience and gain more users.

In the following, we have described some tips for socializing on YouTube.

Interact responsibly on this social network

If you have enabled commenting on your videos, make sure you follow them. As we mentioned earlier, most of the views on this platform seem like spam.

That's why you need to make sure that the existing channel still provides value to people. If you feel that spam comments are placed on your videos, keep your cool and explain everything.

Comment wisely

Whether you've enabled commenting on your videos or not, there will come a time when you'll need to post a comment on other discussions and videos.

Try to leave your opinion intelligently. Check the spelling and grammar of your sentences. Use the brand voice and avoid posting spam comments.

Advertise with caution

For most YouTube channels, advertising can be a source of income, but this should be weighed against the impact of the brand and the experience the customer will have with you.

Favorites and subscriptions

If you are interested in a certain video file, this file will be displayed on the profile page as a popular video.

You can share this file with your friends and subscribers.

Subscribing to someone's channel means that you will see their latest uploads and see them in your page feed. This is equivalent to following someone on Twitter.

Important tools for creating a YouTube marketing strategy

Upload a video file

Fortunately, YouTube accepts almost any video format, and uploading video files is very easy.

Just fill in the information about the video. You need to make sure that your description is optimized for SEO and people.

The title and keywords should also be chosen with purpose. Videos should be categorized properly and if possible provide a copy of each video file to the audience.

Every valuable piece of information you add to your YouTube file gives more opportunities for people to find your videos. This makes the video file available to users and search robots.

Important tools for creating a YouTube marketing strategy

  • Playback and performance

This option is to test the video and see your video-watching experience.

  • YouTube Channel analytics

This option is equivalent to Facebook Insights for your videos. You can see numbers related to interactions, discovery, and demographic information.

  • YouTube Advertisers

YouTube Advertisers is a central tool where you can get ideas from other brands. Also, this option is a portal with good content about advertising solutions.

  • YouTube Charts

YouTube Charts show a list of videos sorted by views, popularity, comments, and other metrics. Looking for content ideas? This is a great place to start.

Release date : 14 May, 2024




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