The impact of Google Ads on SEO

impact Google Ads on SEO ranking

Do Google Ads have an effect on SEO ranking?

The impact of Google Ads on SEO is a question that has been discussed among many marketers and rumors have been published about its truth.

But who is right? Does Google Ads really improve SEO rankings, or is it just another common SEO rumor?

In this article, we tell you that Google ads are indirectly effective in improving SEO ranking and are not one of the ranking parameters.

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In the rest of the article, let's examine the impact of Google Ads on SEO, but first, let's review its history.

History of Google Ads

In the past, Google Ads was known as Google AdWords, Google was completely an organic search engine.

This way of advertising allowed marketers to compete on the same level as their competitors for internal SEO, content, and backlinks. But when Google Ads was released, everything changed.

Websites that could not use SEO to place themselves in the top search results, did so simply by paying a fee to Google.

This quickly became a question for marketers. What happens to companies and websites that don't pay? Are they treated equally with paying companies?

You should know that the rumors started here. Unfortunately, after 20 years since Google Ads was released, some people believe that Google Ads ads affect organic results.

We will explore this topic further to get the correct answer to this question.

Why Google Ads does not affect SEO rank?

When you think of digital marketing techniques in an industry, you are still in the beginning. It has been 10 years since digital marketing has grown with the help of social networks and advances in technology.

This means that with every growing sector, there are always inexperienced people entering an industry. And with all this lack of experience and lack of information, some concepts can cause misunderstandings.

Why should Google Ads affect SEO ranking? Google has answered this question clearly to reduce confusion.

The first and main reason that Google Ads does not improve SEO ranking is that Google has confirmed this issue.

Why Google Ads does not affect SEO rank?

Google's opinion on the impact of Google Ads on the position of the site

"Running a Google Ads advertising campaign based on rumors and claims will not help your SEO ranking."

In addition, Danny Sullivan, a member of the Google Search team, also confirmed in a tweet that Google Search is completely separate from Google Ads. This means that no metric or data from Google Ads has any effect on organic results.

Although you don't need to trust everything that "Google or John Mueller" says, there are many reasons why you should trust Google in this matter.

Competitive rules

Just consider for a moment a domain or business running Google AdWords and their SEO ranking will improve! Not only does it make Google look like a desperate search engine, but it can also cause them a lot of legal trouble.

Also, this not only violates US antitrust laws but may also violate EU competition laws, leading to legal action from the world's largest countries. Do you think Google is taking such a risk?

But what about a list of words websites can display on their first page results for a fee? This is exactly what they do!

Google Ads does not directly affect organic rankings

Some may believe that their organic ranking has improved after investing in Google Ads. You may invest, but your competitor may have offered more. So his organic rank is higher than yours. According to an article published by Moz, none of them are true.

There are many laws and protections in this way. In Google, a huge wall separates organic and paid results. Everyone who works in Google's organic ranking department does not allow Google Ads to directly influence rankings.

According to Rand Fishkin, who wrote the Moz article:

I believe that paid advertising has a significant impact on direct site traffic. My opinion is that Google does not consider this traffic or apply relevant signals in its ranking algorithm.

Ad clicks may improve organic ranking

A person doing a search and seeing an ad in the results is less likely to click on that paid result. We did research on the average click on Google ads and found this out.

The CTR of paid ads may improve some things. If someone clicks on a paid ad, they may want to read the site's information, and may even link to it. It is also possible that they talk about that brand on a page or do it on social networks.

All these things can directly or indirectly affect the organic rank. So if the number of interactions increases, especially direct visits to the website that make someone want to read or share information, it can help improve results.

Note that these items have been seen in some of the most searched topics for websites that provide valuable and useful content.

The reasons you think Google Ads affect SEO

Why do some people believe that running a Google Ads campaign is effective in improving their SEO ranking?

In our opinion, these people are misunderstood and confused. Of course, this confusion can have various reasons.

The reasons you think Google Ads affects SEO

Google updates

Another reason why people believe that Google Ads is effective on SEO is related to regular Google updates.

Anyone who works in the field of digital marketing knows that Google usually makes various updates to the search engine.

According to Gary Eales, they do at least 3 updates a day. This is in contrast to core updates, which run a small number per year. It should be noted that 99% of minor updates are never announced.

So if someone stops Google advertising their business and their ranking goes down or up, it might just be because of regular updates.

Without knowing if a Google update occurred when stopping ads, how can anyone be sure that stopping ads had an impact on rankings? This is a classic example of correlation, not causation.

Analysis and analysis of false analytics

Another reason why people may think that Google Ads will improve their SEO ranking is that they are misreading the analytics information.

For inexperienced marketers, Google Analytics or any other platform can be difficult to decipher the correct information. This can often lead to misunderstandings and wrong conclusions.

It can lead to confusion if a technical issue has caused the analysis to not be set up correctly, or if users have received the wrong information based on their source. Especially when some Google AdWords traffic analysis platforms and organic results provide such reports unless it is prevented by a filter or special features.

Indirect factors

The final reason that Google Ads may seem effective in improving SEO is related to indirect factors.

Several studies of direct traffic or direct visitors to a website have been conducted and are known to be an important factor in Google ranking.

If a business is running Google Ads, then they are likely to increase its brand awareness by being on the first page of Google and related ad keywords.

Running these ads for a few months can have a positive impact on direct traffic to the target website.

A user may search for a keyword in Google, but not click on an ad result; They go to a website they remember. If Google considers direct traffic as a ranking factor, then this issue may have a small effect on improving SEO ranking.

The indirect effect of Google Ads on SEO

If a business stops advertising over time, the number of direct traffic may decrease, which will weaken the site's SEO ranking.

Other metrics that Google Ads may affect include bounce rate, page retention, pages per session, and other user experience metrics.

If Google AdWords ads improve these site metrics, then there is a very small chance that the effects will be seen.

But how do you know that the change in user criteria had an effect on SEO ranking and was not related to Google's update? However, this is difficult to prove considering Google's constant updates.

Do not be misled by rumors!

So you get the point. Does Google Ads improve SEO ranking? Our answer to this question is "no".

Not only the lack of effectiveness of Google Ads in SEO has been proven by Google several times, but many rules prevent the improvement of organic results.

The only reason why some people still believe that Google Ads is effective in improving the ranking is mainly due to a misunderstanding in the data. They may experiment by turning their ads on and off to see if their rankings change.

But without knowing what changes Google has made, it is impossible to determine the reason for the decrease or increase in the ranking.

Release date : 8 November, 2022




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