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These Terms of Service, along with the Privacy Policy, govern the use of and access to the different services offered by KeyUpSeo, all content associated with our services.

Terms keyupseo

Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using Our Service. keyupseo.com service is to increase traffic to your site and social networks. By submitting your order, you acknowledge that you agree to our terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site. You must read the terms and conditions before submitting your orders. The materials contained in this website are protected by applicable copyright and trademark law. Thank you for choosing us.

  • General Rules of the site

    Customer or user is a person who registers an order or any use of KeyUpSeo services with the user information contained in the profile form.

    Note that registering an order at any time means full acceptance of all terms and conditions of Select by the user.

    In the section related to user orders, posting links to illegal, immoral or vulgar sites, as well as sites that in any way violate the cultural, moral, customary or legal relations of the community is prohibited.

    If there are any changes in the rules, services and services provided in the future, they will be published and updated on this page and you agree that your continued use of the site means you accept any changes.

  • Keyupseo obligations in relation to orders

    KeyUpSeo is obliged to provide the requested customer service in full. Criteria for increasing site traffic orders, Google Analytics statistician, criteria for increasing Google traffic order, Google search console, and video visits are the statistics provided by the relevant platform.

    Whenever management deems it necessary, it can suspend or disapprove suspicious sites or users to investigate and prevent violations, or remove them if necessary. This is for the quality of work for the users who receive visits and also for the improvement of the system services.

    In all orders that are not completed in full, KeyUpSeo is obliged to compensate the user only for the shortfall until the order is completed or return the remaining cost to the user. (The decision is with the site support)

    In the event that any lack of visits sent in increasing Google traffic orders and visits notified by the user to the site support, after checking the support for increasing Google traffic orders through Google search console and Website Traffic orders through Google Analytics, KeyUpSeo is obliged to check the amount of deficiency through the mentioned ways and return the cost of the unsent views to the user's account or place a compensatory view for them.

    In case of a change in the url for which the customer has ordered (any type of order, including a change in the channel address, page or site address, or any other case), KeyUpSeo has no obligation to return the payment and the order will not be refunded. It will be done.

    Keyupseo is not responsible for the content of the website, video or any customer order.

    KeyUpSeo website support is designed to provide advice and troubleshoot users. However, he has no obligation to respond immediately and sometimes may not be able to respond quickly due to the high volume of calls.

    KeyUpSeo reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to make changes to its Services or to temporarily or permanently block access to some or all parts of the User Panel.

    KeyUpSeo does not warrant increasing the number of visits to websites that contain welcome messages, farewell codes, or display messages that prevent analytics code from loading on the Website.

    Due to the constant updates of YouTube, YouTube orders may drop, so KeyUpSeo does not guarantee this.

    Whenever the management deems it necessary, it can suspend or disapprove suspicious sites or users in order to investigate and prevent violations, or delete them if necessary. This work is for the quality of work for the users who receive visits and for the better service of the system.

    For increasing Google traffic orders, the customer must check whether the registered site link is in the first 100 results by searching for the keyword before placing the order. If the registered site is not in the first 100 results, because the orders are executed automatically, KeyUpSeo has no guarantee of money back.

  • Customer commitments

    The identity and contact information of the user must be precisely known so that in case of any problems, it is possible to call and follow up.

    Avoid sending tickets or emails to confirm and fulfill orders! The order confirmation process takes between 1 hour and 24 hours after a full review, so please be patient.

    Changes to this Agreement may be made in the future, including the removal or addition of content and rules that are immediately binding on the Service. Therefore, the user is obliged to review the rules while using the services to be aware of possible changes.

    If the customer sees a discrepancy in the order visit statistics with the statistics of Google Analytics and search console, he is obliged to provide access to view statistics to the site support while sending a ticket. Otherwise, KeyUpSeo has no obligation to troubleshoot or refund.

    Please report any site or user that does not comply with the above rules to the management via a ticket

  • Track orders

    The deadline for following up on any problem in the order is 3 days after the end of that order. In the long run, KeyUpSeo will not accept any responsibility in this regard.

    It may take some time for the site backer to respond, so please be patient as your question and request are properly reviewed.

  • keyupseo Financial Rules and Refund Policy

    After charging the wallet, no return will be made for you and the money will remain in the digital wallet of the site so that you can use the orders.

    If your order has not yet been completed, and you intend to cancel it, you can notify website support by sending a ticket. In this case At the discretion of the backup, the amount of the remaining days of the order will be back in your wallet.

    If your order has been completed, we cannot issue a refund. Because our system automatically approves your campaigns. So, if there is no problem with the order, it is impossible to refund the money.

    If a certain period of time has passed since the order, the refund will be made at the discretion of the site management and only for the remaining amount of the order.

    If the order has not started yet and is canceled by the user, 20% of the amount will be deducted for the damage when the money is returned.

  • Correspondence and communication

    All correspondence via email, telegram and other communication channels with users is fully archived so that they can be referred to in special cases.

  • Force majeure conditions

    In the event of events beyond the control of the keyupseo website or outside users, there will be no liability for the obligations set forth in this agreement. These incidents include such things as fires, earthquakes, power outages, power outages, Internet outages, floods, and so on.