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KeyUpSeo is a site visitor service to increase site traffic and posts

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System Features Website Traffic KeyUpSeo

Determine the number of visits

In the user panel, you can enter the required number of entries, and by selecting the number of days you need, you can purchase an Site visit package within a specified time range.

Visit with valid IPs

All our IPs are valid for Google and you can track and view them through Analytics . This can have a lot of positive effects for you.

Determine the duration of the user's presence

You can specify how long you need the IPs to stay on your site. Choosing a time of about 2 to 4 minutes can have a positive effect on your site.

Reduce site bounce rate

If you want to reduce the bounce rate of your site, you can help reduce the bounce rate of your site by choosing to visit other pages and order them.

Specify the number of pages to visit

You can specify how many pages each user visits your site. The number of these visits can be set in the KeyUpSeo user panel. To do this, you must check the option to visit other pages of the site and fill in the appropriate fields.

Select the desired display device

In addition to all the mentioned features, you can also select the device from which you want to receive input. In the user panel you can decide whether the inputs are from desktop or mobile.

Buy Website KEYUPSEO

Increase site visits traffic through the KeyUpSeo system

Website traffic system is one of our most attractive services by having valid IPs for Google to visit your site and is one of our most attractive services .

You can see the statistics of clicks and inputs through Google Analytics.

According to the analysis of your website SEO and its needs and pages, you can buy Website Traffic and view all visits and clicks through the Google Analytics.

Sometimes you need to buy a reportage for a new page you have created on the site or for your ads, in which case you can do this through our system.

Buy Website Traffic KeyUpSeo

Buying reportage visits and buying site visits is one of our most popular services in the field of increasing site visits.

Start a Website

Start a Website!

In today's world, all businesses have to deal with the Internet. This causes people to turn to the Internet and buy and sell online to boost and sell more of their products and services.

The requirement of this process is to have complete information and awareness of the digital world, from which we can point to having a practical and useful website for business.

After designing the site, the most important element of concluding the site is visiting it. Starting a website is actually the first step and probably the most important step for an online business to succeed and thrive.

To achieve this success, you need to make your website visible. The first step for business owners is to provide the right platform for the site to be seen in any way. (What is the increase in site traffic and what is the use?)

When you launch a site, you should use all your skills to improve your site SEO and direct the desired volume of users to your site to increase your site traffic and traffic.

Buy Website Traffic

Need to increase site traffic ?! KeyUpSeo helps you

Webmasters are always looking for a way to increase site traffic.

But how is this possible?

The most natural way is through ads to attract real users to you and increase your revenue and increase your site visitors.

By using the above way, you will definitely help your SEO site and this will improve your position in Google so that in the future you can beat all your competitors.

But sometimes for reasons like SEO you need to increase site traffic at a lower cost, because advertising always costs a lot.

KeyUpSeo site traffic increase system allows you to have all your input IPs valid and visible in Analytics, so you can empower your virtual business with valid inputs.

increase site traffic

The effect of an Increase in site Traffic on SEO

The effect of an Increase in site Traffic on SEO

One of the important parameters for Google in terms of SEO and optimization is to increase site traffic. Google bots notice the visits and show the site to the user. Therefore, having more traffic leads to site growth.

It shows your brand's awareness level by the website's users on Google

If the visitors enter the website directly (not through a keyword search in Google, backlinks, or social networks), Google robots will understand that the audience knows your brand well.

In the meantime, you must not forget other important and influential parameters in the growth of the site's position. By combining SEO improvement and increasing direct website traffic, you get a better position in Google ranking.

Also, by increasing direct visits, you show that you have loyal customers, and this shows the level of audience loyalty and brand popularity.

Buy direct website traffic from the KeyUpSeo system and create dedicated campaigns to increase website hits, you can choose parameters such as the time the user stays on the page, view several sub-pages to reduce the bounce rate, and choose your desired country.

Pay attention to the current traffic of your website

One of the most important buy visits to the website techniques in the order is that you must enter the address of the page that is important to you but do not be convinced of the normality of the number of purchased IPs.

To make the campaigns as natural as possible, pay attention to your website's current statistics, such as referral websites, time visits per user, etc. Then, depending on the needs of your website, try to create campaigns that gradually increase the number and quality of traffic.

Pay attention to the current traffic of your website

Important tricks to buy direct website traffic

The most important point before buying visits to the website is to connect and activate site analytics so that you can monitor the number and behavior of visitors.

Be careful that increasing direct traffic from the subpage, which is the best case, is more than 2 pages, and choosing the right time, which is at least 2 minutes, for Buy site visits is very effective in the naturalness of the process of increasing visitors to the site.

Improve website content and SEO

A good website must follow the principles of content creation and SEO on each website page to be useful for users.

Try to create helpful content for all website pages and implement on-page SEO factors, keyword strategy, off-page SEO, link building, and other such things so that Google gives you a high score when reviewing the website.

The duration of the increased website visits campaign

The impact of visits on Google algorithms and website SEO will be determined within two to four months.

So, once you have worked on your website content and SEO, you can gradually increase your website traffic over some time and check the impact on your website rank daily.

What are the benefits of increasing Website traffic?

You probably know that when site traffic increases through advertising and SEO, it has a positive effect on your revenue and other criteria.

But what is the advantage of increasing traffic through our system?

Webmasters may have different reasons for using visitor systems, but of course the high quality of the visit and the correctness of the plan they have for the site is one of the most important points.

KeyUpSeo with this system can help you increase the site traffic in this way.

It should be noted that no visitor system directly displays your site to Internet users, and if you are looking to bring your site, services and products directly to Internet users, you should use advertising.

increasing Website traffic
Increase visits to Reportage and visits to posts

Increase visits to Reportage and visits to posts

If you need to increase your reportage views or posts, you can use the KeyUpSeo site visitation service.

You can buy this special service by increasing the number of visits and clicks by selecting the option to visit Reportage and filling in the address field of the link inside Reportage.

FAQ's by Users KeyUpSeo

  • Is the increase in site traffic by KeyUpSeo real?

    Yes. The Keyupseo team uses real and valid IPs to increase site traffic and is fully approved by Google.

  • How much can you visit the site?

    According to the defined plans, you can receive from minimum to maximum visits in 24 hours.

  • How do I view my visit statistics?

    Through Google Analytics, you can be informed of all the statistics and detailed information of your visits and monitor your order.

  • What is the next step after purchasing the plan?

    In fact, after completing your purchase, we will check your website and take the necessary actions to increase traffic. You are not going to do anything. We will process your order after applying the steps.

  • What is the meaning of visiting the site and increasing it?

    In general, your website is viewed by the user as a site visitor, which can be a real user or bots. All actions such as advertising, SEO that we have with IP, help improve SEO and increase your page views.

FAQ Website traffic

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