Increase sales with 3 wonderful methods

Increase sales and improve business

Increase sales and improve business

Increase sales with 3 wonderful methods and grow your business, and we teach you these attractive ways in the Keyupseo blog.

There are three ways to increase sales online and offline, however most companies take only one way and that is customer acquisition. There are only 3 ways to increase sales!

By using these 3 methods and trying to improve in each department, surpass your competitors. In the following, we will describe these 3 solutions separately for Keyupseo users.

What are the three ways to increase sales?

  1. Increasing the number of customers
  2. Increasing the average order size
  3. The size of the number of repeat sales

Now you have been asked how these 3 methods can help business progress. Stay with us to understand it better.

1- Increasing the number of customers

Most businesses use this method to increase sales and try to achieve better results.

The work starts with solving a real problem, and then the producer tries to make it unforgettable for the consumer, reaching more customers.

You need to boost your visitor-to-customer conversion rate for free or paid, use referral programs, and so on. This part of the increase in sales is the most expensive.

There are different ways to attract new users and increase the number of customers, and these ways may be different in every business. One of the attractive and effective ways is word-of-mouth marketing that helps you increase the number of potential customers.

If we want to give an example for paid advertising, Google Ads is one of the appropriate and practical ways in this direction.

2- Increasing the average order size (cost spent by the customer per order)

People say the most profitable question of all time was asked by McDonald's:

Do you want fries with your meal?

This question explains exactly what we mean by method #2.

When you get people to the point where they are ready to buy from you, you can ask them to buy more. In this way, the cost of increasing sales is much lower. The reason is that getting the customer to the point of purchase is the most difficult part of the sales process.

They need to trust you and the order you deliver. They have to convince themselves that they need or want more and they have to believe that buying at that moment is the right thing to do.

Once they've decided to pay you, they've also decided to trust you. So at that moment you can sell more to them. Proceed with this method.

Important tip to increase average order size (60 x 60 rule)

Try offering a product that costs 60% less. But when someone is buying a suit, should they be offered a tie or should they be shown the complete suit?

The correct answer is a tie. It is usually cheaper and looks like a small item. If you try to sell a more expensive product, you will face the same problem that you went through when you launched the original product. Suggesting a suit is not worth it at all, and will only make it harder for you.

The 60/60 rule states that customers will buy a second product 60% of the time if the price is 60% lower than the initial purchase price.

The product you offer must be related to the initial purchase. When they buy shoes, you're definitely offering shoe care products, not a spy!

Have you ever purchased a domain from GoDaddy? Let's see together how they try to sell us different products:

Important tip to increase average order size (60 x 60 rule)

The list is as follows:

  1. Other extensions (.info, .net)
  2. Domains you've already searched for
  3. Types you might consider
  4. Premium domains
  5. Regional or country specific domains
  6. Add 5 more domains so that the price is considered wholesale for you
  7. A pop-up that clearly asks you to add 3 or 5 more extensions to your purchase
  8. Email plan.

Yes, eight attempts to sell other products at the same time as your order. GoDaddy is going overboard, but it's paying off for them. You should try at least one of these options.

Applying discounts for more purchases

Buy more, save more! Put plans for buyers to encourage them to buy more.

You can encourage them by offering a few products, a discount or a free product.

Suggest a better choice

Remind people who have a little more money that they can have a better product. Most people don't need more than 64GB of storage for their iPad, but saying things like "you'll be fine" or "only $150 more" makes Apple pocket more money.

Product bundling

Product bundling (selling multiple products or services as a package) allows the customer to have another product in addition to the primary product (main product), thereby increasing the average order size. Amazon usually offers you to buy a bundle.

They also offer Amazon credit card purchases to all customers.

You can also use bundling for services, for example, along with the Google Ads training seminar, you can offer a Google Ads training CD at a small cost.

Complementary products

Do you want a battery? Sometimes you can remind the customer of the new need due to the purchase of the original product and increase your sales. This sale is very simple and logical and it gives results.

Here the customer can choose the complementary product or can ignore it. In this way, the customer will not have a bad idea that you want to sell him more products.

If the customer intends to complete the purchase and payment, but is suddenly offered to buy the second product, the customer feels insecure.

It is better to show the complementary product offer to the customer in earlier stages or after payment. In this way, calm him down so that the pressure is reduced and he feels that everything is under his control.

More commitment in more purchases

Another way to increase the size of the shopping cart is to create more commitment and sell a long-term renewable service to the customer. For example, does the customer want a 1-month banana account subscription? Moz site tries to persuade them to buy a one-year subscription by offering a 20% discount on one-year subscriptions.

More warranty

If you've ever bought an electronic gadget, you know that you can usually extend your warranty by paying more.

In this way, you offer a product with a warranty for more money, and the user decides to buy on his own.

Although statistically speaking, extended warranties are usually not a good buy for the buyer, it gives them peace of mind and a sense of security when buying. If, for example, you bought a TV from Amazon, you will be offered a Protection Plan after completing the purchase.

Offer more services

Offer more services

This is mostly used for service sites. You provide a product or service to the user by default. However, to have more and attractive features, the user has to pay more.

You can also convince your customers to pay a small fee for additional features.

Instant delivery

If you sell physical products or do service work (such as software development or jewelry manufacturing) you can incentivize people to deliver services/products faster for a small fee.

Now that you have implemented various options to increase the average order value, it is time to move on to the third method of increasing sales, which is to bring customers back for repeat purchases.

3- Increasing the number of repeat purchases

You have to pay a lot to attract new customers. Therefore, it is better to try to keep the same customers you have at a lower cost. So, to increase sales, you can focus on increasing customer loyalty.

You are not going to keep everyone, you have to keep the most profitable customers. First, you need to identify the customers who are costing you extra and separate them from the profitable customers. You may decide to exclude some because of the high emotional costs of serving.

Here are some methods you can use to retain existing customers.

Offer discounts and remind them of purchase offers

Send emails to your customers and tell them about your product or service. You can do this with a checkout email automation software. Informing customers about sales offers is also a good practice.

Companies use social media not only through email. Get customers to join you through one of these methods and send your offers.

If you need to increase the number of followers for your Instagram page, you can use Keyupseo services.

Increase the credibility of your social network by buying Instagram followers from us.

Free shipping for one year (making customers loyal)

To increase customer loyalty, you must act in such a way that they do not have a better option than you. Giving discounts to old customers or putting special features only for old users is very practical.

Send the discount code along with the order registration email

Do you know the opening rate of order and invoice emails? Three times promotional emails!

So when customers register an order and receive a thank you message for their purchase, you can send them a discount code in that email as well.

They just bought, so they probably won't be buying any time soon. Sending a discount code with an expiration date is a better idea for repeat purchases.

Customer experience

People do not forget their experiences. If the experience your website creates for customers is bad, they will never come back. Investing in creating a sweet experience will pay off. So always try to improve the user experience.

Service is a new type of sales

This is related to the previous point. Once you've acquired the customer, support them and ultimately create a sweet service experience for them. You can always impress people with the valuable services you provide.

Creating proper interaction with customers even on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter and answering their questions is a way to attract new customers or support old users to repeat the use of your services.

If you provide good service, people will not only refer you to others, they will surely repeat their experience.

Increasing the number of repeat purchases

Conclusion about increasing sales

When you try to increase your sales, don't forget two other methods in addition to attracting customers. Use all three methods of increasing sales in the best way and enjoy your growth and the opportunities created.

Release date : 3 June, 2023




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