What is voice marketing?

What is voice marketing?

What is voice marketing and why should we use it?

Voice marketing or auditory advertising is no different from other forms of content marketing, and in this article, we want to fully explain it.

Voice marketing is an advertising method that uses audio gadgets to advertise your business.

This method of advertising has taken great strides with the advent of audio gadgets and the ever-increasing advancement of audio technology in the field of marketing, and while audio technology continues to interact with brands and businesses, new opportunities for audio advertising appear.

With the increase of this technology, now is the time to provide new and better experiences for customers and audiences by creating a listening environment.

To attract more users and grow any business, it is necessary to use new and widely used solutions.

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What is voice marketing?

Voice assistants such as Alexa, Amazon, Bixby, Siri, and Google Assistant are no longer new and strange products and most people are familiar with them.

Voice marketing or auditory advertising is a method that uses voice assistants to reach target audiences. As voice technology slowly begins to mature, it brings new opportunities to use voice as a channel for marketing.

In short, voice marketing is a set of strategies and tactics that use voice features enabled by voice assistants to reach target audiences or customers.

Why should we use voice marketing?

Voice marketing is a very important factor for business; Because people's habits have changed from typing and texting to voice messages.

In 2018 alone, sales of Amazon's Alexa gadgets tripled, and this trend is expected to continue.

Controlling music settings, broadcasting news, shopping, searching, scheduling, etc. without manual intervention and only with modern audio technologies is one of the most common uses of smart voice assistants.

This means that an increasing amount of interaction with technology will shift from typing on screens to conversing with voice assistants.

Voice interactions are ongoing in smart devices, smartphones, and household electronic gadgets from TV to thermostats.

These are some of the reasons why you should use voice marketing.

You can use lasting sounds to advance your business in this field.

Advantages of auditory advertising

Emily Binder, founder and chief strategist at Moment Marketing, says there are 3 main benefits to auditory marketing:

1. Audio or audio branding

2. Recorded audio content such as podcasts

3. VSO voice search optimization

Auditory branding is a relatively new and unexplored aspect of the marketing world that refers to the strategic use of sounds and music to enhance brand awareness.

This is similar to visual branding (what the customer hears and associates with, such as the Nokia theme song, Windows startup sounds, etc.).

Due to the widespread success of podcasts, audio-recorded content is a prime example of the power of audio marketing.

IAB predicts that podcast advertising in the United States will exceed $1 billion in 2021, and it will certainly take a hit due to the coronavirus.

Although these figures are a projection, the advertising landscape for podcasts is growing significantly; And it's a fantastic option to boost your audio marketing mix.

What is voice marketing and why should we use it?

Convert website content to audio

As great as podcasts are, they are unlikely to change voice marketing any more than text-to-speech audio content.

Converting website content to audio creates a whole new dimension of marketing for multitasking audiences who can't enjoy content while doing their activities.

In addition, when search engines become interested in audio content, providing an auditory experience of your written content will help build your profile.

As search optimization continues, voice is the next logical frontier to conquer. It's safe to say that the future of search optimization is moving towards audio, and it's going to have its own set of tactics and nuances. This issue creates the need for another approach.

Thanks to continued advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, being able to capture a share of valuable voice search traffic will be a huge advantage in the coming years.

Why do you need auditory advertising?

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the use of voice commands, in general, has increased slightly. 52% of users said that they use voice technology several times a day or at least once a day, while this statistic was 46% before the outbreak of Covid-19.

This statistic continues to increase in an amazing way, and all this indicates that the positive desire to use voice assistants can lead to frequent use in the future and the role of voice marketing in businesses after 2020.

Covid-19 will be a turning point for many industries as people increasingly want hands-free interaction.

More companies will try to provide voice interactions with a greater sense of urgency. Especially those that require physical presence.

Another point that should be taken into account in voice marketing is that the costs of producing (and placing) audio content of brands in various audio operating systems are much cheaper than its video counterpart.

Especially in times of crisis, marketing on smart speakers and audio versions of websites is an attractive option for brands looking to connect with consumers sitting at home.

Features of auditory advertising

Voice is our most natural and intuitive way of communication and therefore has a profound effect on how people interact with technology.

This natural feeling as an interface simplifies the use of smart devices as well as access to the web for huge categories of users such as the visually impaired, blind, low-literate, and illiterate people.

If you give your brand or business a voice, people can discover it and use its products or services. This is the simplest way to describe the role of voice search today.

While smart speaker purchases have yet to reach unprecedented numbers, the overall number of audio shoppers is growing.

There are practical uses for voice assistants in the entire content space: a hands-free way to quickly search for answers, updates, order, and even schedule doctor visits among a multitude of different appointments.

The importance of voice marketing

Considering that a high percentage of the audience uses voice for "general web search", it can be said that voice search represents an important aspect that you can optimize your content for. This is certainly a golden opportunity to increase brand awareness and make your content accessible through audio by optimizing your content to answer frequently asked questions.

Your main challenge is to assess the potential of voice marketing for business and to think about how your target market will use voice assistants and auditory content in general.

Although this voice marketing technique is in its very early stages, Google has been doing this for a long time with podcasts and it will only take a little time for this style of marketing to spread in the audio space.

Basic SEO methods, such as titles optimized for keywords, will be among the mandatory factors to increase SEO, such as the quality and quantity of recording and its duration.

The advent of audio optimization and audio-oriented fixes means less room for blue links. All in all, using voice search is one of the basic tactics of auditory marketing, and the sooner you get it up and running, the sooner you'll reap its benefits.

The importance of voice marketing

Challenges facing voice marketing

As with any relatively new technology, there are hiccups in new audio technologies.

An inevitable part of new digital media experiences is privacy concerns, and the audio industry is no exception. Currently, the most important concern of users is data theft, information logging, and especially the existence of listening devices and extraction of personal information by governments.

All this affects the demand and potential future growth of voice marketing, and companies providing this technology and related businesses are obliged to somehow guarantee the information security of their users and customers.

Then there is the issue of efficiency. In this regard, voice is a new entrant and still an early platform that is difficult to prove its value to audiences in terms of return on investment (ROI).

There is no universal template for an effective voice campaign; and requires relevant criteria for integration, which demonstrates the fundamental need to fully understand the capabilities and limitations of technology.

The difference between voice marketing and podcast marketing

Many people don't understand the subtle differences between audio marketing and podcast marketing, And many leave their programs unfinished due to unrealistic expectations. You must be patient, persistent, and clear about your goals.

Many people assume that a large audience is a superior key performance indicator (KPI); But like all advertising methods, only the target audience should be your concern.

Even though the adoption of audio-related technologies is increasing, we have to wait for a period of habit formation and education about uses beyond listening to music. Think back to the early days of cell phones and limited apps.

Nowadays, we cannot even imagine life without mobile phones.

Advantages of voice marketing

The emergence of voice assistants, as well as websites that deliver their content via voice, has created a new customer-to-market channel for marketers.

Voice-enabled devices serve as a good mix of digital and physical realities. This provides the context for real text interactions with users.

In the not-too-distant future, you will hear more about voice marketing because it creates conditions for people to get their desired answers more easily.

How much do you think auditory marketing can affect your business? Are you currently using this type of marketing?

Release date : 26 January, 2023




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