Important points of On Page SEO of the site

Important tricks in the On Page SEO of the website

Important tricks in the On Page SEO of the website

The important points of On Page SEO of the site and the things that you should follow in the process of On Page SEO are given in this article.

As you know, search engines change some of their rules and frameworks every year. For this reason, webmasters should study these new rules and make the necessary changes to improve their site's SEO status, both On-Page SEO and external SEO.

Maybe some of you don't know the difference between On-Page SEO and external SEO. Simply put, SEO On-Page refers to the optimization of page content for search engines. On the other side is external SEO of the site. External SEO includes activities that are carried out outside the site (in the Internet space) and to increase the credibility of the site with search engines.

Improving SEO On-Page has a direct impact on increasing site visits traffic, and you can attract more users.

Performing SEO On Page of the site is the first step in optimizing the site, and we teach you important tricks in SEO On Page of the website

The importance of On-Page SEO in the site optimization process

Naturally, it is better to first check the On-Page SEO of your site and optimize it for search engines. After you are sure of the On Page SEO status of your site, you can safely start your external SEO activities (such as link building, etc.).

In this article, we have tried to share with you the latest tips related to the site's On-Page SEO. Be sure that following these simple tips can improve your site's internal SEO status and accelerate the progress of your site's ranking in search engines.

We hope it will provide you with all this information in simple language. Also, it is necessary to mention, for the convenience of WordPress friends, solutions related to WordPress SEO are also clearly stated in this article.

Pay attention to the length of the domain and the number of words

In general, page addresses that are long are not optimal. According to Matt Cutts, head of Google's web spam team, the first 3 to 5 words in a website address are very important.

Optimizing URLs that are bad for SEO

Using the following two methods, you can optimize the addresses of pages that are harmful to search engines.

  • Using WordPress plugins such as Pretty Link (this WordPress plugin redirects the new link to the old URL).
  • Changing the URL creation process (applicable on WordPress)

Maybe you don't want to lose your current rank by changing the url. So the best way would be to apply this tip only on new URL.

Optimizing the title of the content

  • The meta tag of the title of your content should be between 50 and 60 characters.
  • Use H1 tags for the title of your content. Also, use H2 and H3 tags for chapter headings.
  • Use at least one keyword in the title tag text.
  •  Remember that only 60 characters of the article title tag (or as many characters as a 512 pixel screen can display) will be shown to the audience.

How to optimize the inappropriate titles of your old content

Using plugins like Yoast SEO, you can easily adjust these titles. Yoast detects problems in titles and descriptions. If you don't have the SEO plugin installed on your WordPress, install it now!

Use of image and multimedia files

For the internal optimization of the site, it is better to use photos/images, audio and video files in your production content. Each of these files can attract specific audiences to your website.

Do not forget to optimize the images in the internal SEO process of the site.

Using multimedia files can keep your website users active and reduce your website's bounce rate. SEO experts announced that in 2016, an important part of website SEO will be related to the production of video content.

The importance of On-Page SEO in the site optimization process

Linking to reputable websites

Linking to related and partner websites helps Google to find out about your website activity more easily. Also, with this work, Google will identify your website as a reliable source of information.

Internal linking is the best method for content marketing

As a general rule of thumb, remember this: In every post you make on your blog, link 2 or 3 keywords to old blog content. By repeating this process, in a certain period of time, search engines will recognize your articles with the keywords linked to them.

Putting the keyword in the first 100 words of the content

Keywords should not only be part of the Meta Title and URL of your articles, but should also be used in the Meta description of the content. The earlier the keywords appear in the texts, the more useful they will be for SEO.

The placement of keywords in the meta description of the site does not affect the SEO of the site, but it can encourage the audience to click on the link of your site.

How to fix keyword problems on WordPress?

Use the Yoast SEO plugin to manage your keywords (for WordPress).

Use relevant keywords in your content

Google currently uses Semantic technology for its searches. In this way, Google can understand the meaning of words and show better results to users. In this way, it is better to use related keywords and words with the same meaning in the website texts so that Google can better recognize the topic of your website.

Optimizing site image names and ALT tags

ALT tags inform Google about the content of website images. If your website images are named 'image1' or 'pic2', it can be said that they are completely meaningless to search engines. Always name your website images correctly and use ALT tags. Remember that in Google Image there is less competition in keywords, and you can achieve better positions in Google image search by optimizing your images.

Loading speed is very important in website ranking

Site speed has a great impact on SEO and is one of the most important factors in improving ranking in Google results.

Due to its high importance, it is better to test the speed of your website every month to know that you have not lost any visitors.

How to improve your website speed?

You can increase the speed of your website by using a CDN. The CDN name might sound a bit complicated, but it's not at all. Using the content delivery network is very simple. If you can't afford to spend a lot on CDN right now, you can use CloudFlare CDN, which is free.

Increase the amount of content sharing on social networks

Place social media sharing buttons next to website content. These buttons are very easy to use, they are always visible and they always remind users to share. Encourage users to share your content. Also, use hashtags when posting on social media.

More word count = better SEO

Try not to be brief in the content you produce, and to explain all aspects of a topic well.

Creating good content has a positive effect on your SEO. For example, this very article that you are reading not only states the important points of SEO, but also teaches the solution to improve their situation. SEO experts believe that a useful article should be between 1500 and 5000 words.

Responsive website design is essential

The number of mobile and tablet users is increasing day by day, so the number of people who connect to the Internet with smartphones is also increasing. With responsive website design, website pages are displayed well on different screens.

This way, it doesn't matter if the screen is 5 inches or 30 inches, your website will be displayed well on both screens.

Responsive website design is essential

How to make your website responsive?

For this, it is better to hire a web designer or to use responsively coded templates.

The final word about the On-Page SEO of the site

It takes some time for the backlinks of a newly launched website or blog to have an impact on SEO. At this time, one of the effective ways to improve the SEO situation is to follow the above tips. Be sure that by following the above tips, you can get good results in the ranking of websites.

Also, if you have any question regarding SEO training, share it with us through the comments of the site. New experts will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Release date : 20 July, 2023




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