5 important points in improving site SEO

Key tips to improve SEO to compete with big companies

Key tips to improve SEO to compete with big companies

As searching the Internet is moving from a novelty to a standard feature in our daily lives, search engine marketing is also growing in popularity.

Almost every business in the country, whether big or small, regardless of the field of work, is somehow present in cyberspace, and all these businesses compete for a handful of positions at the top of the search engine results pages. This is why improving SEO is so important.

Knowing the important points to improve SEO can help you choose the right strategy that you can use to outdo your big competitors.

Since very large companies already have millions of backlinks, have been producing content for years, and have regular online visitors, it's no longer a question of why when people search for merchandise, they always They are displayed in the highest positions.

Regardless of your field of activity, you always have at least one competitor who has tried much earlier and more than you (allocated more budget and resources) to be seen in cyberspace and search engines.

So how can you, as a small business with limited experience and resources, compete with this level of cyber dominance?

Fortunately, SEO is no longer just about the volume of information, how old a website is, the most backlinks, or even who has the best library of great content. The focus of SEO improvement is on which page or website is the most relevant user search result.

  1.  Have expertise in a field

Focusing on one area is one of the best things you can do as a small business. Naturally, you may think that the best solution to be seen in the search engine is to cover as many specialized fields as possible. Therefore, you should know that improving SEO is closely related to having expertise in a field.

You can be displayed in search engines for any searched keywords related to those jobs in any field of work.

However, if you want to beat your biggest competitors, it's best to focus on one specialty or niche.

Having multiple specialties allows you to show for a wide variety of keywords, but your relevance to each of those keywords is relatively low. If you spend all your efforts on one or more keywords, you will be able to have a higher display rate.

For example, if you focus on your expertise in elevators, you may miss out on limited visibility for keywords in other fields, but you will be the best in elevators.

  1.  Use the strategy of long keywords to improve SEO

Long-tail keyword strategy is one of your most important goals in improving SEO. Using these phrases may get less traffic than shorter phrases, but this inbound traffic is highly targeted.

Long keywords are long phrases that users generally prefer to shorter phrases.

It is much easier to rank higher for long keywords than to rank higher for short keywords. So even though it will generate less traffic for you, it is still a valuable strategy for small businesses.

Fortunately, optimizing for long-tail keywords is easy. You can find long keywords using Google Search Console or you can produce great content; Long tail keywords usually come up in your writing process.

Also, by increase the keyword traffic for the site, you show the site's work context to Google.

 Use the strategy of long keywords to improve SEO

  1.  Focus on a specific area for optimization

Another way to win this competition is to target the audience of a range and neighborhood. Neighborhood searches are becoming more important, so in today's situation, being the best hairdresser in Tehran is much better than being a good hairdresser on a national scale.

Even if your business operates on a national (or international) level, you can still gain a niche share by optimizing for a specific region. And beat your competitors in at least one key area. In the continuation of the golden tips for improving SEO, I will mention a number of specific strategies that you can use to gain reputation and credibility in your desired city.

Try to take the meta related to the region you want from the geo-tag site and put it in the head of your site.

Attend social events

By being in the community, make your brand name known. Be present at large events such as fairs, festivals, or events where people participate widely.

This action gives you two opportunities: first, you will attract customers immediately and only by attending these events and offering a special offer or discount for those attending the event. Second, and more importantly, to improve SEO, you have the opportunity to talk about and show off your presence at the event online.

Using keywords related to the desired neighborhood, put great content about your company's presence on the website and try to get backlinks from reputable websites related to that area or neighborhood. This way you can optimize your content for that area and promote your brand at the same time.

Neighborhood reviews

With Google's pigeon algorithm, Yelp and similar sites were prioritized. Now, websites that have a large number of positive comments are ranked higher than similar sites that have received few positive comments or negative comments. In fact, the importance of sites like Yelp has grown so much that, in some cases, companies' profiles on Yelp appear higher on the results page than on their website.

This is a key opportunity to improve the SEO of small businesses so that they can increase their position on the results page without having to worry about creating content and building links. Instead, you can focus on collecting positive reviews from your customers.

While Yelp has expressly prohibited rewarding reviews or directly asking customers to leave reviews in any way, you can still use Yelp stickers and occasional prompts with a link to media profiles. Encourage your customers to post comments on your social media.

Content specific to a region

Regional searches are becoming more accurate, and making the most of this opportunity can increase your chances of winning over a major competitor (especially if that competitor operates in the same city as you).

Google is making progress in identifying and segmenting areas within a city, so you can go a step beyond neighborhood searches by using keywords specific to an area, instead of just the name of the city or province. Before you get started, you should see how far Google knows the boundaries of your target area.

  1.  Personalize your social interactions

Aside from optimizing or improving SEO for a specific area, you can also outrank your tough competition by making your brand strategy more personal. Big businesses lose some of their characters when they reach a certain point of growth, but being small and nimble gives you the opportunity to create a more personalized experience for each of your followers. Provide more humane.

When you care about your relationships with users on social media, you will attract more contacts, and the more and more active your presence on social media, the higher your position on the Google search results page.

Important tips to improve site SEO

  1.  Become a well-known and reputable content publisher by improving SEO

Acquainting people with your brand, gaining their loyalty and trust, and gaining credibility, require continuous production of quality content. In order to produce content, most companies are content with publishing articles on their website, while others produce and publish e-books, virtual seminars, podcasts, videos, and other forms of content through various channels.

The key features for building a brand through a content strategy are quality and continuity. Maximize the reach of your published content for greater ROI, and be consistent in your content creation program to be recognized as a trusted authority. By improving SEO, you can introduce yourself to many people and get high credibility.

Important tips to improve site SEO

There are no shortcuts to getting to the top of the search engine rankings. Especially if there are many competitors in the scene. But by using a strategy that takes advantage of your geographic region and your smarts, you can outperform your competitors in key areas.

By narrowing down your niche and focusing on keywords related to that niche, and focusing on a specific area, you may not be able to show for a wide range of keywords like the big companies, but you can outrank them in your chosen areas. get.

These were the 5 golden tips to improve SEO that we prepared for you. Do you think these solutions can be useful for you? Do you think there is more that we should add to this list?

Release date : 27 December, 2022




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