12 ways to create attractive Google ads

Strategies for creating an attractive Google advertising campaign

Strategies for creating an attractive Google advertising campaign

12 strategies for creating attractive Google ads given in this article will help you do better in the world of advertising.

In the world of online and Internet advertising, examples of attractive Google ads shine among other types of display ads.

This form of advertising also provides the leaven for creativity through a combination of modeling and personalization with specific business symbols. So you can create your own ads with Google Ads.

You may be asking yourself if these descriptions apply to Google AdWords titles. Without being able to attach a photo directly and only with 90 descriptive words and a blue title of the search results?

In general, in order to attract users who search on Google and attract them, you must be able to attract their attention at first sight and increase the organic visit of the site.

Tricks to make Google Ads campaigns attractive

We only see simple short titles on the search results page! Can such titles be expected to have such a direct effect on the audience? It may seem somewhat optimistic! But that doesn't mean we can't use these simple words to develop creativity and create a distinctive face with competitors on Google's first page ads.

In fact, in this article, we are going to introduce you some examples of attractive Google ads. By studying these things, you can set an example for the benefit of your business and your site and differentiate yourself from your competitors in Google's first page ads. Seeing these successful and attractive ones will definitely help you write attractive meta descriptions and present a better image of your pages. We introduce these attractive and successful cases in the form of different techniques.

  1. A unique and accurate expert technique to create an attractive ad on Google

To make the ad more effective, you need to create your campaign in a unique and precise way. Using the attractive options of Google AdWords is very effective in building a campaign.

In a way, it can be said that the maximum effect is in the form of niche marketing. By showing this title among the results of the Google search page, the mentioned site shows its point of distinction with other sites on the page. You can use a more attractive phrase in your ad that makes the customer buy: "We understand; This is an important purchase!”

  1. Differentiating technique among attractive Google ads

Even among the top and best examples of attractive Google ads and Google first page ad headlines, you must have the ability to differentiate.

Differentiation has always been one of the success elevators for brands. In this process, you state what exactly is your point of difference from other competitors.

Regarding this technique, it can be mentioned as the site (Kustomer) on the Google search results page. The title is as follows: "Customer service platform - based on customer service, not tickets". To this technique in the term "this, not that!" Called.

In the above case, the author has publicly conveyed this message to the customer that this product works in this way and there is no news of that undesirable performance! This is exactly what is called differentiation and has a high impact on users' views.

  1. Emphasizing the outstanding feature of the service or product

The next issue that can be seen among the examples of attractive Google ads is the emphasis and direct reference to a special feature. In this technique, unlike the previous technique, there is no comparison and expression of differences.

Here we go directly and decisively to express the main feature of the product or service.

  1. The technique of counting on benefits in attractive Google ads

In another range of attractive Google ads, we can refer to this example of the site (Thesis). This example leads the user to click on the search result by encouraging the user to count on the benefits of the product.

  The title of the search on this page is "quality energy supplements". But there is no news of these words in the chosen title of the site (Thesis)! This site has only written the benefits of its product in its page title. "Concentration, energy, freshness - hours of work with focus and no mistakes" is their chosen title. Further, the description states that "Finish your projects; achieve your goals; Do things with high concentration."

Tricks to make Google Ads campaigns attractive

  1. The technique of limiting the terms and conditions of use!

By searching for the phrase "small business loans", one of the search results that stands out in an interesting way is the site (BlueVine).

The title that this site has chosen for its page is very restrictive and detailed. So that it can be said that the conditions of using loan services have been clearly stated.

In the title section of this sentence, it is written: "Small Business Loans - Need $100,000 and Annual Repayment". This site clearly and accurately shows the conditions to the audience without confusion and does not intend to get clicks from all users.

Instead of getting thousands of fruitless clicks, this site has preferred 100 effective clicks that lead to results. Because people who do not have such conditions will no longer enter the site for no reason. This technique is completely reasonable considering that this site uses Google Ads and pay per click!

  1. The technique of using consonant and harmonious words

It is very important to use harmonious and harmonious words to write an attractive ad on Google.

The fact is that if you use similar, harmonious and rhyming words, your sentences and descriptions will impress the user more. For example, words that have similar beginnings or endings are good choices for this.

Of course, there is no need to exaggerate in this context and write regular poems; The relative harmony of the words is enough to influence the audience! For example, the site (Fiverr), which is an outsourcing site for internet and freelance projects, has used the combination (Pros for Your Project) in its Google ads. The combination of (Pro) and (Projects) is attractive and harmonious to a large extent for English speakers.

  1. The technique of maximum use of numbers

Another technique for creating attractive Google ads is to try to use numbers appropriately.

In this method, you should remove descriptive adjectives and words as much as possible and use numbers instead. For example, to say that you are the best cotton producer with six thousand tons of production per month, you can use the phrase "#1 cotton producer with 6000 tons of production per month"!

People generally relate better to precise numbers and receive more trust signals from them. For example, instead of 30% discount, it is better to use 30% discount.

  1. The technique of using familiar words for attractive advertising on Google

Marketing professionals spend hours of their time finding the best words. This is despite the fact that instead of finding the best and most complete words, it is enough to find the same familiar words of each trade, industry and subject.

In other words, using colloquial words is a new way to have a convincing conversation. So try to write your page title and meta description on the search results page using familiar words of your work topic.

  1. The technique of responding to the sense of urgency and urgency of users

Providing explanations to users and service applicants is a good thing, but sometimes a better way to communicate can be used.

In such cases, when you feel that the user is searching for results with a sense of urgency and urgency, it is better to respond to this feeling in your title and description.

  1. Using the technique (P-A-S) in attractive Google ads

The very famous technique (P-A-S) is also used in Google's attractive ads.

To implement this technique, you must mention the user's problem in the title and then highlight that problem. After that, give the appropriate answer and solution to the problem in the description section of your page.

For example, in the title of your page, the phrase "No one follows you? - Does the inability to progress bother you?" write the After that, write this phrase in the description: "Improving the graphic appearance of posts is a good solution to increase followers!".

If you want to stimulate the user even more, you can finish the description with the sentence "Start increasing follower acquisition here!".

An overview of the key points in attractive Google ads

  1. technique of direct attack on competitors; One of the attractions of advertising on Google

To have an attractive Google ad, sometimes you can directly attack the ads of other competitors.

Of course, this method should be used with sufficient caution. You have probably come across such advertisements that say, for example, that they are 25% more effective than the top manufacturer in the field.

This ad implies that don't buy that manufacturer's product and come to our product! But the issue is that sometimes you can tell this directly to the user in Google Ads!

  1. Appropriate repetition of phrases in writing attractive Google ads

The last example we want to mention is the use of a suitable and eye-catching repetition technique. In this method, you should repeat the target sentence in a suitable way.

Get the user's attention better by using expressions that have the same meaning and are repetitive in terms of concept.

With an acceptable differentiation, they help to have a greater effect on the audience. At the same time, the repetition technique helps Google Ads to be more effective from the point of view of keyword search.

Google usually decides to display your text ads on the search page based on a combination of different keywords. Now, the more you use different combinations of words that are related to your goal, the better your chances of being seen will increase!

If you want to increase your website traffic, you must be attractive in your ads so that more traffic is directed to your site.

By using the mentioned techniques, attract more users and you have helped a lot in improving SEO, branding and strengthening your business.

An overview of the key points in attractive Google ads

  • If you specifically focus on an area, convey your brand's confidence in that area to the user by stating this.
  • With the method "This, not that!" Differentiate your ad.
  • Reveal a special and distinctive feature of the product or service in your title.
  • Saturate your title and description with benefits.
  • Reflect the prerequisites, exact cost and terms of use of your product or service in the leads.
  • Give rhythm to your sentences and use harmonious and consonant words.
  • Use accurate numerical and numerical information instead of text and descriptive words to send a signal of trust.
  • Speak with the user in a simple language derived from the conversation of the same field.
  • In specific cases, mention the speed and emergency response of your site.
  • Do not forget to use the famous and common formula (P-A-S).
  • Introduce your competitive advantage to users with a dedicated keyword and a competitor's nickname.
  • Convey your main message with appropriate repetition and place to create attractive Google ads.

Release date : 26 June, 2023




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