Methods of competition in Google Ads

Methods of competing in Google Ads without increasing the budget

Methods of competing in Google Ads without increasing the budget

The methods of competing in Google Ads without increasing the budget and optimizing advertising campaigns are the subject of this article.

The rate of return on investment in Google AdWords is good, which is why it attracts the attention of most marketers.

But since almost all digital businesses are aware of this and all of them want to have a share of this wonderful opportunity. As a result, there is a lot of competition in Google Ads campaigns.

But you should know that spending more budget is not a guarantee to get a higher rank or more clicks in the Google Ads network.

We have prepared 8 practical strategies for winning Google Ads auctions without increasing your budget.

With the help of the solutions mentioned in this article from the KeyUpSeo blog, you can reach the first rank in Google results without increasing your expenses.

How to compete in Google Ads ads without increasing the budget?

The Google Ads network is designed in such a way that you need to have a general attitude in this network in order to surpass the competitors in the auctions.

The first step is to understand how the Google Ads algorithm works. Then building a strong foundation based on this information and using the available tools are steps that will help you achieve success in Google Ads advertising.

The importance of quality score in Google Ads

The Google Ads auction system is designed to value high-quality ads and reward them with higher rankings and lower cost per ad. If Google gives more value to low-quality ads; Fewer people click on them and less clicks mean less Google income.

But how can you have high-quality ads and get more clicks from users? Considering the importance of Quality Score in Google Ads advertising network algorithm.

Ad Rank is one of the factors related to the quality score of your campaigns, which plays an important role in determining the rank and placement of your ad on the Google results page. The ad rank is the result of the quality score multiplied by the maximum price offered by you, the higher the final number; Your ad will have a better position on the search engine result page.

Also, the formula for calculating the cost per click is equal to the result of the ad rank of the campaign below you divided by your quality score plus one cent (one hundredth of a dollar).

In summary, you should keep in mind that increasing the budget alone is not enough to compete in Google Ads auctions and you, as a business manager, need to focus on raising your quality score.

But how does it happen to increase the quality score of advertising campaigns? In general, improving factors such as click-through rate, landing page, keywords, or determining appropriate pricing strategies are the things that play a key role in determining the quality score of Google Ads campaigns.

Focus on increasing click-through rates

Increasing the click rate (CTR) is one of the important factors in Google ads, and its improvement means an increase in the quality score. By keeping this in mind, it is possible for you to submit high-quality ads to Google, outperform your competitors, and reduce your costs to a great extent.

There are many solutions related to CTR improvement, some of the most important of which are as follows.

• Offer different promotions

Try to make the offers you offer to customers in your ads different from other ads to convince potential customers to choose you.

• Use numbers in your ads

  "30% discount on the occasion of Yalda night." Numbers always attract attention and increase sales for you.

• Use attractive Call To Action options in your ads

Conveying the sense of urgency to buy in the customer or focusing on the advantage and features of the product or service in the CTAs of advertising campaigns is one of the best ways to increase the click rate. Terms such as: "Enjoy a 20% discount by placing an order until the end of tonight" or "Free shipping" are related examples in this case.

• Use Google Ads plugins

The use of Google Ads plugins is one of the other practical things that improves the click rate and quality score, which ultimately increases the ranking of your ads on the Google Ads network.

Focus on increasing click-through rates

Improve the quality of your landing page

The next step to complete the puzzle of improving Quality Score in Google Ads campaigns is to improve the user experience of being on your landing page. This case can be considered even more important than other factors of increasing the quality score; Because the landing page is the determining factor regarding the results of the efforts and expenses made for a campaign.

Imagine a situation where the click rate of your campaigns is high and also the cost of advertising shows a low amount. In such an ideal situation, if your landing page does not meet the user's needs; No sale has been made and users are referring to your competitors. Below we have collected some things that will help you to improve the quality of your landing page:

• Use a dedicated landing page for each campaign

One of the mistakes that some users make in the process of advertising on Google; Directing users to the site's home page or a general landing page. It is necessary to have a plan for the steps after the user clicks on the ad and design specific landing pages for your campaigns.

• Design your landing page simple and understandable

Try to use simple sentences and images as much as possible on your landing page, clearly state the benefits and features of your service or product, and provide CTAs specific to your field of work.

• Have content consistency on your landing page

Advertising texts, landing page illustrations, as well as communication methods you use on your landing page; They should be consistent with the content you've used in your previous ads.

• Have an easy to use interface

Your landing page must have a high speed, be optimized for the use of all kinds of smart devices, and also if you have a question form in it; Don't ask the user for too much information in it.

Improving the quality of the landing page is one of the most important factors to increase the quality score and win the Google Ads auctions, the design of which requires specialized knowledge in this field.

Improve your keyword campaigns

Keywords may be considered the most important factor in choosing the target audience. You should note that finding the right keywords and placing them in different Ad Groups does not necessarily lead to winning Google Ads auctions.

Keywords are among the things that you should regularly prepare a list of and always seek to find the right keywords for your advertising campaigns. Some of the things that you can use to increase the quality of your keywords are as follows:

• Take advantage of the search terms report

Although there have not been significant changes in the structure of these reports, they are still recognized as a useful resource for finding cheap keywords that have a good rate of return. In addition, this method is also used in determining new keywords to participate in auctions or identifying negative keywords.

• Bid on your competitors' keywords

Identify the words and phrases that your competitors have invested in and check the bidding conditions on them. Be aware that your competitors are likely to do the same with your campaigns.

• Limit the use of low quality score keywords

No matter how hard you try; There are always a series of keywords that register a low quality score for themselves. It is better to separate these words from the ad groups in which they are present and put them all in a specific ad group to avoid their negative impact on the advertising process.

Master your pricing strategies

This article is provided to you as a guide to win Google Ads auctions without increasing your advertising budget; But this does not mean that you do not need a comprehensive and targeted plan to participate in Google Ads auctions to start your advertising campaign. In fact, reading this article will help you manage your budget and spend it in the areas that will bring the best results for your campaigns.

The following are important factors that can help you in the discussion of budget management and pricing in auctions.

• Choose the strategy that suits your needs

Bidding Strategy is what tells Google how to spend your budget according to your needs. Maybe you want to have the maximum click rate in your campaigns; Or increasing the conversion rate is the ultimate goal of your campaign. So it is important to find your own strategy in Google ads to have a good experience of advertising in Google Ads.

• Use different keyword matches

Types of keyword usage in Google Ads are provided and provide you with the possibility to have more precise targeting in choosing your audience.

• Use the capabilities of Google's pricing strategies

If you use the manual pricing option in Google Ads; You can tailor your strategy based on attributes such as location, user device type, performance, and more. All these things are done in the automatic pricing strategy by Google; But it is your responsibility to check the progress and performance of your campaigns.

Adhering to the persona of the audience is one of the key points of advertising in Google Ads

Having sufficient knowledge of customers is one of the basic factors that can provide you with the necessary information to succeed in Google Ads auctions. In the first step, you need to obtain a series of demographic information such as age, gender, education or income from your customers.

The next step is to collect psychological information such as beliefs or customer preferences.

But why is it important to have this information? To succeed in Google auctions, you need to collect information about how users search for products or services. Which keywords do users choose to search for?

What do they expect from a proper landing page? These questions are just a small sample of the questions you should be asking yourself. As the manager of a business, it is necessary to put yourself in the place of customers and examine the questions that may arise in their minds during the buying process.

The importance of quality score in Google Ads

Track your progress

Tracking and checking the progress of advertising campaigns is one of the essential tasks in Google advertising; Because it determines whether the ads have correctly ticked the set goals or not. Google Analytics is one of the wonderful tools in this field that users can use to check factors such as site traffic, conversion rate (CVR) and many other things.

One of the practical methods to track the trend of advertising campaigns in Google Ads is to use UTM codes. UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module and means Urchin Tracking Module.

This module belongs to Everchain, which was bought by Google in 2005. UTM codes are small text letters that can be added to any link and used for more detailed analysis of site traffic input.

There are different ways to create these codes, but Google's link builder is one of the best tools that is widely used in this case.

There are various parameters that can be defined in the construction of UTM codes, with the help of which you can have a more accurate monitoring of the amount of input and traffic of your site.

• Website URL: First, you need to enter your website address in this section.

• Campaign ID: In some cases, some users have multiple campaigns running, which is used to determine which campaign to review.

• Source parameter (Campaign Source): As its name suggests; This factor examines the source of your site's traffic. In this section, you can write the name of the desired social network or even Google itself.

• Media parameter (Campaign Medium): Based on this factor, you can understand from which tool your website traffic was obtained. For example, if you used Google Ads email campaign for your ads; You can use the term email in this section.

• Campaign Name: This section is specific to the name of your campaign and you can mention the name of the product or type of service or even your advertising slogan.

• Keyword parameter (Campaign Term): when you want to check the effectiveness of one or more keywords; You can use this option and put your keywords in it.

• Content parameter (Campaign Content): This item is used when you want to check which content of your site was attractive to users.

Try different models of advertising in Google Ads

One of the best ways to check that an advertising campaign is successful and attracts customers; Try different versions of it on the Google Ads network.

In some situations, you will come across different ideas regarding determining different strategies for your campaign. Strategies, some of which are profitable and useful, while others only cause you to waste your capital.

One of the best things that can be done in such a situation; Making different models of an advertising campaign and launching them in Google Ads.

A/B testing is one of the best methods used in this field, where users see two or more versions of an advertisement. Each of these versions is tested for a short period of time and finally, only the best version of that ad remains for long-term display on the Google Ads network.

Release date : 6 March, 2024




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