Preventing Google Ads account suspension

Preventing Google Ads account suspension

Preventing Google Ads account suspension

Advertising on Google is one of the ways to improve business and career among users. As you know, Google ads mean that you give Google Ads the terms and keywords related to your site's profession, and it directs users who are interested in these topics to your site.

You can promote your business with advertisements that you register in Google Ads.

These ads will increase the traffic on your site and Google will direct users who are similar to your products and services to you.

One of the saddest things that can happen to internet businesses that use Google ads is the suspension of their Google Ads account.

Google Ads account suspension happens sometimes, and in this article, we want to tell you the ways to prevent Google Ads account suspension.

Suspension of Google Ads account

Google Ads account suspension means that Google blocks your account because you have not followed the rules.

In order to create a safe environment for its users, Google has established rules and regulations that sometimes mistakenly put some internet businesses in trouble.

Sometimes, some Google ads have completely gone ahead with the rules, but luck has not been on their side. The rules and regulations that cause the Google Ads account to be suspended are not too difficult or far-fetched.

You can easily get to know them and at the same time comply with them. Compliance with these rules can greatly help your activity in Google Ads. Stay with Keyupseo to discuss the reasons that cause your Google Ads account to be suspended.

The reason for the suspension of the Google Ads account

As you know, Google is a big company with various services. Everywhere in the world, from small companies to large organizations, they are governed by certain rules and regulations to create a certain order to do things. Google is no exception to this.

When users use Google ads to improve their business, the Google Ads platform sets a series of rules and red lines to ensure the safety of the audience and Internet users.

Also, the existence of these rules will manage the content so that there are no Google ads with any content.

The existence of all these rules and regulations has led to the formation of an orderly and safe environment despite all the red lines.

Crossing these red lines in Google ads will eventually result in the suspension of your Google Ads account.

In order to prevent this from happening, you must know the rules well.

Now we will introduce the reasons for Google Ads account suspension

The reason for the suspension of the Google Ads account

1- Ad abuse in Google Ads

Using advertisements, Google tries to show users useful, effective, and efficient content. Ads that intend to abuse users will not have a place among Google ads. Some examples of these are:

• Promote a repeated and similar topic simultaneously from multiple accounts.

• Creating a new user account for re-advertising after the previous account has been blocked.

• Using methods that reflect prohibited content such as immoral, sexual, etc.

• Hiding content that is prohibited by Google. Writing the forbidden words of Google Ads incorrectly to bypass Google's rules.

• Use of malicious systems: use of any system and software model and some kind of malware that causes problems in the user's systems, such as viruses. Your site cannot install any malware or software on users' systems without the user's permission. If something else happens, your account will be suspended.

The thing you should pay attention to is that Google does not close your account directly and sends you warnings in advance.

2- Coordinated deceptive actions

Another thing that causes the Google Ads account to be suspended is the collective action of several sites in order to provide invalid and incorrect content such as political, social, etc. advertisements.

Unacceptable Business Practices: Advertising that is intended to launder money and violates users' privacy and causes potential abuse is prohibited.

Also, businesses that advertise their services and products with false brands are also prohibited.

In this section, it is good to know that after detecting your violation in such cases, Google immediately blocks your account without prior warning.

3- Misleading click ads

Content that asks you to click this link to take you to the disclosure of an interesting topic. Links that are incomprehensible and only ask you to click are prohibited. These materials want to increase the traffic of their site by increasing users' clicks in a misleading and unusual way.

No need to increase site traffic with these problematic activities! It is enough to do this by increase site traffic with the Keyupseo system.

Google ad awakens fear, pressure, discomfort, and sadness in you and compels you to click on such an article. This type of advertisement is strictly prohibited. Even advertisements that use photos and images on the subject of death, accidents, pain, sadness, and unhappiness promote their desired services and products.

4- Unreliable claims

Content promises you to do something and the only purpose of this work is to attract users to the site. Texts such as ads and advertisements for weight loss and gain, guaranteed treatment for back pain, articles related to politics, and links that lead you to money-making and financial work such texts.

5- Lack of connection between words and advertisement

Google AdWords ads whose terms may be among the most used but not related to the main topic of your business and profession.

6- Uncollectible offers

Google offers and ads that make you hopeful. There are ads that promise you false content and activities.

But when you enter the link and site, you will not find anything available. Advertisements that offer a product or service that no longer exists but are widely used are also prohibited, and your account will be blocked and suspended by Google Ads.

Remember, if you want to register a one-day discount ad in Google, delete or update it the day after the discount ends.

How does Google AdWords determine that a violation has occurred?

The Google Ads platform uses automatic and human checks to detect violations of the rules. Google examines information from various sources, including ad text, keyword nature, site content, user complaints, customer reviews, and alerts.

If Google finds a specific violation in your advertising account, it will suspend your Google Ads account immediately without prior warning. In this case, you will not be allowed to advertise again with another account for that site.

Fixing the problem of Google Ads account suspension

The rules that are violated in Google Ads are considered serious violations

• Advertising any medical services against Google rules

• Offering fake goods and misuse of prominent names and brands

• Any advertising related to investment activities and cryptocurrency

• Fraud by hiding information, or providing false information and phishing

• Violation of trade sanctions and advertising for companies that are embargoed by the United States of America or operate in embargoed areas.

• Abusing the advertising network, spreading malware, lack of transparency about products and services, unfair advertising through Google Ads (advertising one content or one site in several accounts), and deceiving users.

Other things that cause the Google Ads account to be suspended

Having multiple Google Ads accounts for one site at the same time, payment problems, abusing advertising promotions, not reaching the legal age for advertising (it varies between 13 and 16 years in different countries) and insecure access to the user account can cause the Google account to be suspended

Fixing the problem of Google Ads account suspension

Unfortunately or fortunately, Google does not behave well with accounts that have been violated. But don't lose hope of blocking your account.

Consider this Google Ads account suspension as the first warning.

As you know, the first warning means that you still have time to correct your mistake and you are not in trouble yet.

In order to solve this problem, you need to contact Google support.

In the first step, read the email sent to you by Google. In this email, Google clearly tells you which law your Google ads did not follow. Once you identify your problem, you can easily fix it.

Once you find out what's wrong with your Google ad, you can easily fix it. For example, if your problem is related to content and text, you can go to the management section of your site and solve it.

Release date : 21 December, 2022




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