How does X (Twitter) help business growth?

The impact of X or the former Twitter on business

The impact of X or the former Twitter on business

In this article, we examine the impact of X or the former Twitter on business and how to use it for social media marketing.

X or the former Twitter is a powerful social media and can be used to increase the power of SEO and attract users and marketing.

The numerous and practical updates of this social media platform made it more necessary for businesses to use it day by day.

Twitter's simple interface also allows people to share anything from breaking news to sports, great content and world politics.

In a world saturated with different media, Twitter allows us to access what we need. Most of the reports related to sports news come to people's attention through Twitter. Meanwhile, brands have also joined this network.

They not only communicate their messages through Twitter but also quickly target the needs of their customers.

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How do people use social media X?

X has become a tool that can cover everything from facilitating the collapse of governments to publishing photos of newborn babies.

Customers can use this social network to share and find content. For most people, Twitter has replaced RSS feeds and traditional news outlets. Because of the public nature of X, this network has been able to connect people.

This platform allows people to connect with other people who share common interests and participate in conversations that can be very important.

  • Participate in Twitter conversations related to the preferences and interests of your brand's customers. In such a situation, you can find people to develop your network
  • Save your searches for general interests or popular hashtags so you can access people talking about these topics.
  • Use tools like Followerwonk or Twellow to find your users. Also see who interacts with you and communicates in different communities.
  • Integrate tools like Xobni and Rapportive with your Outlook and Gmail to get social profiles of people you already know.
  • The Discover experience on Twitter helps you participate in a variety of conversations. Also check Twitter's categories to find the best accounts on different topics.

Some people may dedicate their whole day to using Twitter and some may limit their participation in this social network only to sharing content. Your goal is to identify the type of users you're looking for, engage with them, and gain an understanding of how and why they use Twitter. By understanding what motivates users to use Twitter, you can better target your efforts and publish existing content in a meaningful way.

Strategies and tactics for success

Your success on Platform X will depend on the specific goals you have in mind, but there are universal strategies that will help you get off to a good start. By following these tactics, you will be able to speed up your progress towards your goals.

Branding with the help of social media X

You need to know who you are and what you do. You can't put a lot of text in your bio, and with that limitation, you have to write appropriate text to communicate with people and share your thoughts. So every word you say will be very important. The company's brand and voice will be present in every interaction.

As the company grows, you can naturally find people who are interested in the brand. How should you talk to them? How do they respond to problems? Answering these questions can put you on the right track.

You should also make sure that your account name and profile are created according to brand guidelines and guidelines. These fields are the first place the audience visits. Most people use your Twitter profile to decide whether or not to follow your brand.

Your bio should convey important points and be appropriate for the brand. The position should also accurately reflect where you are. The number of your followers is also very important. Controlling the number of followers and their ratio can help develop trust and confidence.

Use tracking and variables in all your shared links. This will help you better assess the success of a piece of content.

Pay attention to the type of content they frequently use, the style and tone of the language. From this section, you can gain a better understanding of what to share and communicate with your community.

Branding with the help of social media X

Be active and engaging in tweets

There is nothing worse than a boring tweet. Boring is a personal thing, but you should try to appeal to your target audience as much as you can.

Advertising content gets old quickly. How can you develop brand loyalty by publishing promotional content? This is usually impossible.

You should have more than advertising content and be able to say something about your business. If you don't have such content, start working today. You can also use Twitter ads to increase your X account audience.

Be useful and add value

Being present is always important, but you need to provide valuable content to your audience.

Every tweet you post should add value in some way. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself. Ask yourself what information you would like to get if you were a follower of this account.

Publish posts to meet the needs of users

Because of Twitter's compact format and high speed, you need to respond to your community's problems as quickly as possible.

This platform allows people to find your brand easily and you are sure that you get customer service and their requests that need quick attention well through this platform.

If you ignore an important tweet for a long time; You will find that one person's voice is quickly amplified by other followers.

You should also not only answer urgent questions. Make sure you respond well to all interactions. As your brand grows, you need to learn how to scale. Too much tweeting can be a big problem.

Tips and tricks on Twitter etiquette

Like other social networks, Twitter also has its own set of guidelines for success.

Media such as X, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram can help businesses. Thus, in each platform, you should use its specific strategy and practical tools.

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Now, we will review some tips and guidelines about social etiquette on Twitter together.

Do not generate spam content

This is a rule that you should consider in all your marketing efforts, but it is better to mention it in this section as well.

There are new accounts created by well-intentioned marketers, but if the existing content isn't good, it's worth nothing.

Using irrelevant hashtags and marketing products will not be useful. It can be annoying to mention everyone in your feed to get their attention for a piece of content or to try to make an offer. Make sure you have relevant tweets, help your followers and don't spam.

direct message

When you need private information such as people's addresses, direct messaging is great.

Normally, you can only send direct messages to people who follow your brand. If you have a verified account on X, you can select specific settings to allow anyone to send you direct messages. However, you cannot reply via direct message unless you have followed the other person.

Never send automated direct messages, as this is considered spam. Automated messages are not interactive and cannot be used well to build relationships. If you want to reach each person as a unit, you must do it in a personalized and unique way.


When you start a tweet with @username, only people who follow you and @username will see the tweet. If you want more people to see your tweet, put a period or other indicator in front of the username.

Tips and tricks on Twitter etiquette


With the help of hashtags, you can expose yourself to a wide range of audiences. Most people follow conversations with the help of different hashtags, but these people may not follow you at all. A hashtag is a shortcut to explain the content of a tweet or show a part of a conversation or event. If your brand uses hashtags, you need to make sure that it adds value to the conversation.

Retweet or X Repost

There are two ways to retweet. One of these methods is manually and the other is through the retweet function on Twitter. Retweeting is the best way to increase community members' content and make them feel good.

If there's a link you want to follow up on or there are grammar and spelling issues you want to fix before retweeting, you can edit your tweet and retweet it along with the RT: and sender tag. tweet Like:

RT: @username Tweet text

Post publication schedule

There are several tools that help people schedule their tweets. Scheduling tweets is a social media manager's best friend, because these people aren't always online, and if they are, updates may not be needed.

You can create your tweet, set the time and date, select the account you want the tweet to be sent to, and then schedule it.

Scheduling allows you to post your content when community members are most active. Make sure you check your scheduled posts. Scheduling posts can be a useful tool and allow you to scale your energy.

Shorten links

Twitter already automatically shortens your links, but you need to use a separate shortening service with built-in analytics. This allows you to track clicks on content., Buffer, and HootSuite are all good options. You can also consider a custom shortened domain.

Twitter list

Creating a list of users can help you target your efforts when reaching out to influencers or joining relevant conversations.

If you create a public list, remember to be kind to people who are not on the list. It is better to stay away from the list that approves people or ranks them and their services. Creating a private list is the best way to avoid these problems.

Use usernames of people on X (Twitter)

If you're talking about someone who's on Twitter, use their @username. It's polite, and your community wants to know when you're talking about them. This encourages people to share the post.

Suggested tools for X account management

We have introduced a number of useful tools for better use of X social media.

Twitter for Business

This option works well with your business and is a great resource for those new to the platform.


Followerwonk takes a data-driven approach to measuring your account's audience. This tool helps you identify demographics, growth, interests, and when users are active, and even tells you what your audience is sharing. Followerwonk also helps you explore the social graph and understand your Twitter users.

How does X (Twitter) help business growth?

HootSuite, Social Engage and Sprout Social

These applications allow users to manage their Twitter account in a more effective way. With varying degrees of control and performance, you can find what works best for your needs and your team. These tools all do the same thing: help engage with users, measure engagement, and engage with your Twitter followers.

Simply Measured

This rich analytics tool allows you to measure follower growth, engagement, reach, and even know who your influencers are.


Crowdbooster can be free depending on the size and number of accounts you monitor. This tool provides quick insight into growth and what's working from a content perspective.


IFTTT allows you to create rules for your online activities. They are basically macros that work well across your social media accounts and even your site, allowing you to create situational triggers for events. This tool is useful for most activities beyond Twitter.

Release date : 11 March, 2024




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