How is LinkedIn advertising?

What is LinkedIn ads

What is LinkedIn?

Before we want to talk about advertising on LinkedIn, it is better to first talk about LinkedIn itself, a little about the background of this social network, and the goals it pursues.

LinkedIn is one of the popular social networks that is specially focused on business and employment-oriented activities. According to the latest statistics published (in May 2018; coinciding with the 15th anniversary of the start of LinkedIn), this company has more than 562 million users. LinkedIn users can create their professional and professional profiles, or as an employer, they can look for workers with their desired specifications as an employer, or publish their employment ad from LinkedIn's advertising section.

Advertising on LinkedIn is very effective for reaching specialized audiences as well as for creating B2B campaigns. As we said, LinkedIn users are experts and professionals as well as business owners in different fields. So be sure that your LinkedIn advertising budget is spent on informing and attracting a professional audience!

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Campaigns and various advertising methods on LinkedIn

According to your purpose of advertising on LinkedIn, you can provide your message to your target audience in three different ways. Therefore, before starting to advertise on LinkedIn, it is better to define the purpose of these advertisements. In LinkedIn, just like advertising in Google, it is better to create a separate campaign for each unique goal.

Now we are going to explain the 3 main types of LinkedIn campaigns to you.

Sponsored content

With the help of this type of advertising campaign, you can promote your content and move LinkedIn users to your landing page after clicking, or you can expose your LinkedIn business page posts to a more targeted audience. You can also put a follow button in the ads of this type of campaign to increase the number of followers of your business page.

LinkedIn, one of the facilities available in this type of campaign is that it helps you to create an in-advertising form so that you can enter the information of your target audience, including name, email address, contact number, job, address, and other information you need (Custom Question). ) receive With the help of a lead (a clue you receive from the audience), you can target your audience through other advertising channels such as email marketing and SMS advertising.

You can also advertise your video ads in LinkedIn content campaigns and increase their traffic.

For the purposes of increasing brand awareness, collecting high-quality leads, and accurately targeting audiences based on their profile data, you can create a Sponsored Content campaign.

Sponsorship message

Through the sponsored message campaign (Sponsored InMail), you can send your advertising message in a personalized way (referring to the name or surname of the recipient) through the messages section to your target audience. In addition to the message text, the advertising message can include a CTA button with the desired text and link, a text as a footer, and a 300x250 pixel photo (which is displayed next to the advertising text).

Sponsored message ads can be used for A/B testing, to find the most suitable one among several different messages. In this type of campaign, the Lead Gen form can also be used to collect the information of potential customers (Lead). With the help of sponsored message ads, you can create a high conversion rate on desktop and mobile by attracting users who are most important to your business.

Textual advertisement

If you are familiar with Google ads or have previously advertised on other social networks (such as Twitter and Facebook), you will probably be familiar with LinkedIn text ads.

To create a text ad on LinkedIn, just enter a 25-character title, a 75-character description, a square photo, and your business page or landing page address. Text ads on different pages can be displayed in the footer, sidebar, and header. One of the important features of LinkedIn text ads is the simplicity of generating and receiving high-quality traffic and leads.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn advertising?

What are the benefits of LinkedIn advertising?

LinkedIn and its ads have unique features and benefits that set it apart from other social networks. Previously, in the course of social network marketing, we talked in detail about the activity guide on LinkedIn. Here we have listed 12 benefits that LinkedIn and its advertising can have for your business:

• Business opportunities

LinkedIn advertising can help you reach experts or people who work in a common field with you and are part of your company's decision-making process. This is a great opportunity to connect with the right target audience.

• Connect with experts and leaders in your field of activity

Creating targeted advertising campaigns for people who work in a field is not always easy. However, with LinkedIn Ads, this process is simplified!

• Receive confirmation and confirmation from your "connections"

LinkedIn has provided an option that allows you to write a confirmation text (Recommend) about the people you are in contact with. Getting endorsements from others can help boost your credibility.

• Comments, Discussions, and Forums

There are thousands of specialized groups on LinkedIn where members discuss common topics of interest to their target market. As a member of these groups, you can learn about the latest innovations related to your field of activity or business and introduce yourself as an up-to-date and knowledgeable person in your field of expertise.

• Reach a targeted audience

LinkedIn ads can be great for reaching customers, contacting suppliers, and recruiting new talent for your company.

• Advertising your product or service

LinkedIn advertising facilitates the display of your products and services to the segment you have defined as the target market.

• Profile Visit Tracking

LinkedIn ads typically generate visits and direct calls through your profile. These actions can be tracked through LinkedIn's integrated statistical software.

• Networking and traffic

The biggest advantage of LinkedIn is networking. Moreover, if you share quality content with your audience, you can attract quality traffic to your website or blog.

• Posting a recruitment ad

Although there are many sites that operate in the field of recruitment and you can post an ad on these sites to attract specialists, however, on LinkedIn you can see the profiles of people who have specific characteristics and communicate with them. Despite the possibilities that LinkedIn provides you, it will be very easy to find the right candidates for your desired positions with the help of LinkedIn.

• Professionals with multiple specializations

On LinkedIn, you can find professionals with different specializations in your field of work. You can learn from them and also use them as a reference to implement new ideas to improve your company.

• Communication in other social networks or blogs

LinkedIn can be used as a source for making new connections. You can easily sync LinkedIn with your Twitter account and your website.

• Promotion of courses, seminars, and conferences

If you are going to offer a specific course, LinkedIn can be the best place to attract people interested in participating in that course.

LinkedIn advertising costs

LinkedIn advertising costs

Some companies that have tried LinkedIn advertising (without having enough expertise on how it works) have concluded that: LinkedIn advertising is expensive. Here we want to explain in more detail the costs of advertising on LinkedIn. Note that the key to success in LinkedIn advertising is optimization.

The lowest costs in LinkedIn advertising

• $10 daily fee: per campaign

• $10 total cost: per campaign

• Minimum bid of $2: per CPC or CPM.

What do these prices mean for LinkedIn ads? In other words, they mean that you cannot set your daily campaign budget below $10 and you cannot create a campaign with less than this amount. Also, the minimum cost per click (CPC) or cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) is $2.

If we compare LinkedIn advertising with other social networks or the cost of advertising on Google, it may seem expensive. But remember that it is not so important to pay less for each click or ad impression, what is important is that you have a successful campaign that has a good return on investment and that you have a good profit for the cost you pay and You can achieve your advertising goals. How to have a successful advertising campaign on LinkedIn? Optimizing your maximum bid and focusing on your ad budget can help you achieve better results.

I hope you have learned some useful tips about LinkedIn advertising after reading this article. However, the most important step still remains a step from theory to practice. When will you start your first LinkedIn ad campaign?

Before you start your LinkedIn advertising, it is necessary to analyze whether LinkedIn advertising is a good opportunity to achieve your company's goals or not. Although working with social media advertising platforms is not that easy, if you have the expertise and a good strategy, you will get great results.

Release date : 31 December, 2022




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