Find the right social network for business

The best social network for your business

The best social network for your business

Finding the right social network for business and using them to grow and improve is a must for every business owner.

Deciding which social network to focus your energy on can be a confusing process as time and resources are usually limited.

There are usually a lot of articles all over the internet that tell a lot of rumors about social networks.

As with other marketing channels, the more strategy and thought spent on implementing and implementing programs, the greater the chance of success.

If you start your work with business goals, product proposals, and target customers, you can avoid the boring things you may encounter along the way.

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What are the different types of social networks?

Not all social sites and platforms are created equal. Each of the social channels does not help the users in reaching the goals in the same way.

When you search online, you should organize your social options into several categories.

By looking at the group of channels and its common themes, you can make the right decision about choosing social networks. The best way to get these classifications is to divide them into personal, leased and occupied categories.

Personal social media

Personal items may include blogs, forums, or internal social networks. These may be internal or external. The main difference between this classification and other options is that you are the owner of the channel. This channel may be on the main site or another domain, but it is completely under your control.

Rental channels

Like renting an apartment, in this situation the user occupies a part of the channel with the owner's permission. Sometimes, a fee is charged to the other party, but in the world of social media, this does not happen very often.

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler fall into this category. Facebook owns its own site and you only manage your presence on this site.

You can officially own a page, but you can't claim the platform and manage how it changes.

The channel is occupied

This classification is out of your control. Your company may have an official representative who interacts in the occupied area. But you have to remember that there is no ownership and these channels can be changed whenever they like.

Reddit is the most popular example of this classification. Company employees will frequently participate in community forums and sites both formally and informally.

Customer conversations occur across the three categories we mentioned above, but before we get into the discussion, enough time and thought should be devoted to channel management programs and presence strategies.

For example, smaller brands with limited resources can choose one channel and satisfy their needs before customers grow and enter multiple channels. As a brand representative, you have the opportunity to add unique perspectives and value to your company's channels.

What network should I choose first?

What network should I choose first?

There is no single answer to this question. For each business, this question will have a different answer. The first step for any organization is to visit

This site allows you to register your brand name in more than 500 social networks. This will ensure that your name is registered where it needs to be. You can keep your brand name in channels that you don't need yet. This site is one of the most extensive lists of social networks on the web.

This site can be a great place to find social networks beyond Facebook, Twitter.

Everyone should have a Facebook page. This site with more than 1.19 billion monthly active users; It can provide companies with good customers.

You can find the same numbers on Twitter. Other tools that help with social media strategy are listening tools. Use social listening tools to see what channels your customers are on. This insight will help you to display your programs where it will be most beneficial for you.

Single accounts against multiple accounts

Having an account or several accounts on social networks is a big question. The answer to this question is simple. Everything depends on you. Some large companies have a corporate account on Twitter. This is while most of their stores have their own accounts. This allows them to provide specific and relevant information to regional followers while maintaining their corporate account for publishing news, promotions and announcements.

Other companies may categorize their accounts by product. In such a situation, conversations can also be classified based on audience and product. Nike, Comcast, and Delta Air Lines are good examples of brands that have multiple accounts for different purposes and manage them well.

The most important issue that you should consider when making a decision is whether you can add value to customers and their conversations by segmenting accounts.

Can you meet the customer's needs in a single account or should you use multiple accounts? Are there regional considerations that make this more difficult?

In addition to all the things we mentioned, you should consider your ability to manage multiple accounts. Tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and SocialEngage have made managing multiple accounts much easier than before, but you have to remember that there is nothing worse than creating an account and then abandoning it. This does not send a good message about the brand and its ability to follow.

How to start your work in social networks?

Before doing anything, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What behavior do I want to provoke in the client?
  • Among the social channels that exist, what kind of them are more suitable for the products and services that I propose?
  • Who are my target customers? How can I recognize the online behavior of these people?

Identifying your personal goals will help you choose the best social channel for your efforts. Clarifying the desirable behaviors of community members will help you define how to interact with them. If your business is about branding and increasing brand awareness, consider marketing activities that include collecting and sharing customer reviews, shareable content, and valuable interactions.

Are you looking for Increase site visits and conversion rate? Look for opportunities to engage with interested and relevant customers who are ready to buy.

The key is to match engagement efforts with the results you want to get. Let's look at an example together. Let's say you're running a company that sells beauty products. In the following, you can see the steps of choosing the best social platform for such a business:

  1. Goals and objectives

Currently, the main goal of your business is to increase brand awareness and increase brand loyalty and brand support.

How to start your work in social networks?

  1. Target customers

Your target customers are women between 18 and 35 years old. Of course, you are looking for a group of them who are online. Many of these women will be very interested in the products you offer.

  1. The best social network

For cosmetics and related products, image-based content distribution works well. Pinterest is a good choice as most of its members are women. In this social network, you will be able to target your audience and provide your audience with an easy way to publish the content you create.

Do not limit your thoughts to vertical thoughts. Think horizontally too

Sure, your customers are interested in the products you offer, but what about their topics and preferences? For example, let's say you are a boat and motor retailer. There are boating communities that are great for your approach, but it's likely that customers are more interested in travel, other outdoor activities, and even food.

Think about how you can participate in these horizontal communities and grow your audience.

Instead of focusing only on what's popular, think about what's most important to your communities

After you enter social networks, you may be confused by the vast amount of information that is there.

There are new applications, tools and networks that are being used on a daily basis. You could spend the whole day looking at these things.

It is better to create a balance between these things. It is usually better to do a few things efficiently than to finish many things incompletely.

Of course, even in this situation, you have to open your eyes and ears so that you can understand the new social trends. Things to consider are:

  • Look for functions on platforms that align with products or market space. For example, a clothing retailer can make good use of visual social networks such as Instagram or Pinterest.
  • Use emerging technologies and functions that allow you to connect and share with your community in new ways.
  • Look for technologies and sites that have the potential to reach new demographics among your audience and influencers.

When all else fails, look at your goals. Do not be afraid of testing. Devote enough energy to doing this to get a meaningful answer.

When a new social network emerges, how can you be present in it?

There are certain facts and norms in social networks. Once you apply these truths and norms to your business, you can quickly see that these can be done on other networks as well. The rules of engagement may vary from site to site, but the principles will always be the same and intact.

Objectives and measurements

Determining the goals of your new network should be the first thing you do. Why do you want to be on this new channel? What do you want to achieve? After you've identified your goals, you need to decide how you'll measure success. For emerging platforms, this will take some time. Depending on the analytics tools that become available and how the platform is set up, this can be a bit difficult.


Your authority on social media is an important issue. Effective branding can spread your authority as a brand. Social channels can provide current possibilities for brand exposure and increase brand traffic. Make sure your avatar is selected correctly and your bio is well filled out.

Content production

There is nothing more frustrating than going to your favorite brand's profile and finding nothing. Before you want to follow people or their activities or drive traffic to your new profile, you should make sure that you have a lot of content in it. This makes the followers have a reason for their work.

Communication with influencers

After introducing your brand in the new social channel, you should look for people with whom you can interact constructively. Start your career by searching for an influencer. You may already be in a relationship with these people. Use this relationship to your advantage. Look for more people who are related to your workspace when you interact with them.

Find the right social network for business


Once you develop this relationship, you can use the new network to plan and invest your time and energy and add links from related places so that you can help your customers discover your presence in the new network. Write about the interesting things you do and highlight it on your blog. Share posts across multiple channels.

Content/Publication Calendar

Like any other channels you have, you must publish content regularly. You can do this through social networking tools. You can use advanced management systems or Excel when planning your content calendar.

Everything depends on you. Planning in advance ensures that events, promotions, and audience engagement are properly optimized.

There are other tasks that may seem tedious when you are ready to start. But the important thing about social media is that the principles of all of them are the same and these principles can be transferred to the new social network.

These exercises will help you ensure your social media success regardless of the size of your company and the platform you work on.

Release date : 1 September, 2023




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